• Here is the link for the instructions for Microsoft Teams!!directions for accessing Microsoft Teams 

    If possible, please do these enrichment activities every weekday:

    • Read for 30 minutes (or have an adult read to you!)
    • Access Exact Path through the Clever App and do 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of math activities.
    • Access ST math through the Clever App and do 30 minutes of math activities*
    • practice reading the sight words from the word list (see High Frequency Word Page for the list and ideas for practicing!)

    *you must have downloaded both the Clever App and the ST App from the App Store to do ST math (The children all have their QR codes taped to the inside of their blue folders. They need these once you have uploaded the Clever App. Please see the instructions I sent home in the manila envelope on Friday if you have not previously uploaded this App.) 



    (Week 1)      (Week 2)

    train              eat                         

    way               team

    tail                treat

    play               lean

    day                sea

    may               please

    rain                beach

    gray               each

    mail               dream

    afraid             clean


    April 2 and 3: The only new assignment is to check your email from yesterday for an important message! Also... finish up any old assignments from previous days. Continue to do ST math, Exact Path reading and math, and read!!

    April 1: Wow...April Fools Day!! 

    • Reading: Use Epic again to read another fairy tale. (I added a group of them for you in assignments). Or you can read a fairy tale that you have at home.  Look for any of these amazing words: delightful, original, tangle, royal, imagination, carve, peer, sighed. We are also reviewing the idea of theme this week. What is the theme or main idea that the author is trying to teach you about in the fairy tale? Tell a grown up about it.
    • Writing: If you finished filling out your graphic organizer about your animal, today you can draw a picture of your animal. Be sure to think about what your animal really looks like. What color is it? Does it have fur...feathers...scales? Also, be sure to draw the habitat that it lives in! You can do this in pencil first and work on the coloring tomorrow.
    • Math: Let's just do a fun page of math today...a coloring addition or subtraction page or another one of your choice from the animal pages I sent home. Please remember to do ST math or Exact Path math as well!
    • Science: go to the link on the website page to listen to a story about Animals with Superpowers!! 


    March 31:

    • Reading: Practice the long vowel pattern with this worksheet: long vowel worksheet. This week we are talking about visualizing in our stories. We did a lot of this in school! You can do this at home with your own books or the books you read on Epic. Remember to create the picture in your mind...you can close your eyes as you do it!
    • Writing: Let's try to fill out this graphic organizer today! animal graphic organizer. We are going to use this to write an animal research report! Remember to use the PebbleGo website to help you!
    • Math: We continue to review and practice adding and subtracting large numbers. I am putting a worksheet here for extra practice, and adding some new links to the website page for some new places to go for games. Extra math practice
    • Science: Let's watch a fun "Ask Doug" science video today! The link is on the website page under science activities.

    March 30: 

    • Reading: No new spelling words this week! Go to page five of the week 2 packet in the "links to printable items" and do the literacy activity "Draw the Story". Also, use your free Epic account or a book you have at home to read and look for words that have your spelling pattern from the last week..."ea". Make a list and see if you can find at least 5!
    • Writing: We are going to start writing about animals this week! Most of you picked an animal at school that you wanted to write about for our class book. If you remember what it was, go to Pebble Go (username:  Oxford password:  hornets) and look it up. Maybe you have a book at home to read about it as well. You can also choose another animal if you would like. Tomorrow I will post a link to a paper for you to fill out about it. I will post the PebbleGo website on another page as well.
    • Math: Continue to practice adding and subtracting to 40. I am going to post links to some new pages for you to practice on the links to printables page. (You may still have plenty to practice from the packet we sent home, too!)
    • Science: There is an activity on PebbleGo (username:  Oxford password:  hornets) Look up... What is Matter? When you are done reading you can fill out the paper I linked to the printable pages about Matter.

    March 27: HAPPY FRIDAY!

    • Reading: Go to page three of the packet in the "links to printable items" and do the literacy activity "Choose what is happening in the story". 
    • Writing: See if someone can give you the spelling test today. Then write a short story using a few of your spelling words. (I see the words eat, dream and beach...that could be a fun story!!)
    • Math: Keep working on those math packets! You should be getting pretty good at adding and subtracting those big numbers!! Play a fun card game today like concentration or memory. There is a good "Money Practice" paper on page 5 of the online printable packet. Ask a grown up at home if you can use real money at home to practice with while you do the paper.
    • Friday Fun activity!: Choose one of the fun activities in the packet...there is a collage, a paper bag costume to make and lots more. Have fun and have a good weekend:)

    March 26:

    • Reading: Use the "Links to printable items" section of this website again. Under Day 2 you can do the worksheet "Choose the caption". Also, read a non-fiction book using Epic or a book you have at home. Write down three facts you learned and three opinions you have about the topic. Look for words that have the spelling pattern "ea" in books and magazines again! These are called vowel pairs..."When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!"
    • Writing: Look out your windows at home and write about what you see. Is it different out each window or the same? You can use the paper I sent home, or your own!
    • Math: Do the coloring pages (numbers and adding) that are on Day 2 of the packet, as well as the Pet Store Data page that is in Day 3 of the packet of printable items. Continue to work on those flash cards for addition and subtraction!
    • Science/Social Studies: Do the position and direction page that is in the packet for Day 2. Then see if you can create a scavenger hunt for someone in your house by hiding something (a small toy) and then giving them clues using some of those position and direction words. For example. "You need to walk into the room that is to the left of the kitchen. You need to look above the table. Now look under the book." (Maybe you hid your toy under a book that was on the dining room table!) Ask them to do the same thing for you!

    March 25:

    • Reading: Look at the "Links to printable items" section of this website, and do the day 1 activity "Goldilocks and the Three Bears Storyboard". Write your spelling words with fancy letters...like curly or block letters!
    • Writing: Again, use the "Links to printable items" and do the "Daily News" section. Talk about what you have been doing at home! Don't forget to draw a picture that goes with your writing and use adjectivies in your writing. And remember to use capitals and punctuation in your writing:)
    • Math: You have lots of choices in your math packet for practicing addition and subtraction. Do a page or two today. Also...play a math game today! There is a game in the "links to printable items" day 1 called write to 100. You can play it with a partner. You can also play the game race to 40 that we learned in the classroom. You will have to create something out of paper to be tens and ones...but you can do it!! And if you don't have any dice to use, I will post a link on the "parent resources/websites to visit page" to help you make them.
    • Science: There is a great activity in the same Day 1 part of the Week 2 Packet called Design Challenge: Creating a Cup Tower. Have fun being a structural engineer!

    March 24:

    • Reading: Write your spelling words and then cut them apart. Sort them into three piles...one with 3 letter words, one with 4 letter words, and one with 5 letter words. Did you have a word left over? What word was it?? Read a fairy tale. (Either one that you have at home, or pick one from Epic!) Tell someone at home who the characters were, what the setting was, and what the problem and solution was.
    • Writing: Could you make up your own Fairy Tale? Is there a make-believe place you would like to visit? Write a story about it! Be sure to use adjectives to describe the place and the characters in your story. Draw a picture or pictures to illustrate your story!
    • Math: Do a math page or two...or...If you are getting tired of those math pages:( Take a break from those today and make a clock from a paper plate. I will try to post a link on my resources page to help you! You can practice setting it and telling time to the hour and half hour. Write down what time you go to bed and what time you get up tomorrow.
    • Science/Social Studies: Draw a map of your house. Where is your room? Can you draw a map of your room? Where is your bed, dresser, bookshelf, or anything else that you keep there? Draw lots of details!

    March 23:

    • Reading: Rainbow write your new spelling words...you can use crayons or colored pencils.  Read one fiction book with an animal as a character, and one non-fiction (informational) book about animals. (You can use EPIC if you want!!) Compare and contrast how the animals were different in the books. Did they look the same? Did you learn things about them? What things were different in the two books? Draw pictures of the two animals you read about.
    • Writing: Write about your favorite activity from last week. Was it a game? A puzzle? A book? Do you think someone else would like to do it? Why?
    • Math: Continue the pages from the packet, or some fun pages I sent home. Work on flashcards if you have them! Make a March calendar using the back of one of the pages. Figure out how many days are left in March. Write a subtraction problem to figure it out!
    • Science: Draw a picture of a plant, or find a picture that your parents can print for you online. Label these parts: roots, stem, leaves, flower

    March 20:

    • Reading: Try to find new words that have the spelling pattern of "ai" or "ay" in a book or magazine (or online!) make a list and sort them into the two patterns. 
    • Writing: Have someone give you the spelling test! Then try to write two sentences with your favorite spelling words.
    • Math: Do another page of the math packet. Then try to make up two math problems on your own! Go outside if you can, and use things from your yard...like this: I see 8 daffodils blooming in my yard. If 6 more start blooming tomorrow, how many daffodils will be blooming? Can you figure out the answer to my problem? Can you make your own?
    • Science: Take a nature walk in your yard and find the most beautiful pieces of "matter" that you can! Enjoy this warm day:)

    March 19:

    • Reading: Make up silly sentences with your spelling words. Try to use two of them in a sentence and tell them to a parent or a brother or sister!
    • Writing: Write a few sentences about your favorite toy. What do you like best about it? Remember to use those adjectives to describe it!
    • Math:  Do another page or two of the packet that was sent home last Friday (adding and subtracting to 40). If you have your flashcards, practice your facts. If you don't have them...try making some with paper or index cards!
    • Science:  If mom or dad says it is okay, experiment with some items in your sink to see if they will float or sink. Before you try them, make a list and predict what will happen. Were you right? Why do you think so?

    *I will be checking my email multiple times daily. I would love to get emails from the children! I will answer any notes they send me. If you have any questions at all please let me know! I will certainly try to answer any questions from parents as well. Take care and stay well.

    Mrs. Hamilton