• Course Description: Welcome to English 9!  This course is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in basic language arts skills.  We will read and study works from various genres, such as poetry, short stories, and novels.  In conjunction with the literature we read, we will be utilizing the writing process as we explore the various modes of written expression.  As a student in this class, you will be expected to read and write often and to be a positive contributing member during class sessions.  Please read the following expectations carefully to help ensure your success in the upcoming year.



    Pearson Common Core Literature- Grade 9                                          Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare

    The Odyssey- Homer                                                                                      Of Mice and Men- John Steinbeck*

    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings selections- Maya Angelou*

    *Denotes a text on the ALA “frequently challenged” list



    1. Be respectful of others                 b. Be responsible for yourself                    c. Be ready to learn


    Grading: Your grade each marking period is based on the following:

    • 70% Performance Assessment: tests/quizzes/essays/projects/skill-based performance measures
    • 20% Formative Assessments: Class work, participation, Bell Ringers/Exit passes, other formative assessment measures used to monitor progress
    • 10% Homework Assignments: practice material


    Late Work:  Work that is not turned in when it is due will be subjected to the school-wide late work policy. 






    UNIT 1: Literary Elements

    ·         Literary Elements Review

    ·         Introduce & practice the process and skill of close reading

    ·         Introduce & practice text analysis

    ·         Introduce & practice constructed responses

    Short Stories: The Scarlet Ibis, Cask of Amontillado, Gift of the Magi



    Constructed Responses

    Expository Essay

    Symbolism & Allegory

    ·         Review symbolism

    ·         Introduce allegory

    ·         Practice allegorical analysis

    Short Stories: Golden Kite Silver Wind

    Animal Farm- selections 


    Constructed Responses

    Historical Fiction

    ·         Genre Study- characteristics of historical Fiction

    ·         Text analysis

    Of Mice and Men


    Constructed Responses


    UNIT 2: Nonfiction

    ·         Genre Study: Introduce & practice identifying and analyzing elements of nonfiction

    ·         Close reading nonfiction

    ·         Text analysis

    ·         Text comparison

    Speeches: “I Have a Dream,” “First Inaugural Address”




    Test: “cold read”

    Constructed Responses


    ·         Introduce & practice identifying reliable resources

    ·         Close reading of sources

    ·         Works Cited

    Unit 2 Speech

    Teacher-provided Article


    Essay (2-3 pages)

    UNIT 3: Poetry

    ·         Genre Study: Introduce & practice identifying and analyzing poetic conventions

    ·         Close reading poetry

    ·         Text Analysis

    ·         Theme comparison

    Varied poems


    Constructed Responses

    UNIT 5: Epics

    ·         Genre Study: Introduce & practice identifying and analyzing the elements of epics

    ·         Close reading narrative poetry

    ·         Text Analysis

    The Odyssey- selections


    Constructed Responses


    UNIT 4: Drama

    ·         Genre Study: Introduce and practice identifying and analyzing dramatic conventions

    ·         Elizabethan language/Renaissance Period

    ·         Close reading drama

    ·         Text Analysis

    Romeo and Juliet


    Constructed Responses