• Standards/Curriculum we will cover this this year:

    Scientific Method
    S7.A.1.1.1: Distinguish between a scientific theory and a general opinion, explaining how a theory is supported with evidence.

    S7.A.1.1.2: Develop questions that can be answered through scientific inquiry and/or technological design.

    S7.A.1.1.3: Use evidence such as observations or experimental results to support inferences.

    S7.A.1.1.4: Use evidence to develop descriptions, explanations, and models.

    S7.A.2.1.1: Use evidence from investigations to clearly describe relationships and communicate and support conclusions.

    S7.A.2.1.2: Identify a design flaw in a simple technological system and devise possible working solutions.

    S7.A.2.2.1: Describe the safe and appropriate use of instruments and scales to accurately and safely make measurements under a variety of conditions.

    S7.A.2.2.2: Apply measurement systems to record and interpret observations under a variety of conditions.

    S7.A.2.2.3: Describe ways technology is used to enhance scientific study and/or human life.

    Microscopes and Cells
    3.1.7.A1: Describe the similarities and differences of physical characteristics in diverse organisms.

    3.1.7.A2: Describe how organisms obtain and use energy throughout their lives.

    3.1.7.A3: Explain why the life cycles of different organisms have varied lengths.

    3.1.7.A4: Explain how cells arise from pre-existing cells.

    3.1.7.A5: Explain how the cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living things.

    3.1.7.A6: Identify the levels of organization from cell to organism.

    3.1.7.A7: Compare life processes (e.g. growth, digestion) at the organism level with life processes at the cellular level.

    3.1.7.B1: Explain how genetic instructions influence inherited traits.

    Identify Mendelian patterns of inheritance.

    3.1.7.B2: Compare sexual reproduction with asexual reproduction.

    3.1.7.B4: Describe how selective breeding and biotechnology can alter the genetic composition oforganisms.

    3.1.7.B5: Compare and contrast observable patterns in the physical characteristics across families, strainsand species.