• School Counseling Philosophy

    The philosophy of the school counseling program at Jordan Bank Elementary School
    is that all students will work together, with peers and the school staff, to develop skills to
    reach their personal/social, academic, and career goals. Collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and other community stakeholders is of utmost importance to meet the needs of the students


    Mission Statement


    In accordance with the Oxford Area School District
    mission, vision, core beliefs, and commitments, the purpose of the comprehensive
    school counseling program is to empower all students to reach their ultimate
    potential in the areas of academic, career, and personal and social development.
    As student advocates, the OASD counselors are committed to understanding
    uniqueness, multicultural diversity, and the maximum development of human
    potential of each individual. We support the student throughout his/her
    educational career so that each individual will be equipped with the personal
    resources necessary to function and contribute in a changing


    Elementary School Counselors Help Children...


    -Develop a positive self-image

    • -Show respect for the feelings of others 
    • -Understand the decision making process
      -Maintain effective relationships with peers and adults 
    • -Gain an understanding of the world of work 
    • -Develop coping skills dealing with family changes