• Homework & Current Assignments

    April 13-17

    Read the Angle Relationship notes and then complete the Adjacent Angles wkst

    Working with adjacent angle wkst         Angle Relationship Notes

    Finding missing angles


    Week of April 6-7

    OK! I figured it out and your new assignment is posted on your teams page.  Complmentary and Supplementary Angles.

    Stop in for office hours today or next Tuesday from 10:30 - 11:30 for help.

     I am working on downloading a worksheet for you but not having much luck. Please check back Tuesday before office hours.

    Redwood Team Digital Schedule








    1st A Day UA


    1st D Day UA




    2nd A Day UA


    2nd D Day UA










    Per. 1

    Office Hours


    Per. 1

    Office Hours


    Open Office Hours


    Per. 5A

    Per. 5A


    Per. 6A

    Office Hours


    Per. 6A

    Office Hours



    Per. 8

    Per. 8



    What happens during digital class? (Monday & Wednesday 8-11:30 AM)

    This is a time for you to attend live classes with your teachers. It is required that you show up to digital class just like you used to show up for class in-person. Your teachers will be directly instructing you and answering live questions at this time. Digital class time will be held in the Microsoft Teams app in your class-specific teams.

    What happens during office hours? (Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-11:30 AM)

    Office hours is a scheduled time for students to work independently on work posted by their teachers. This is also a time where your teachers are scheduled to be available to you for digital work time or questions. Office hours will be held in the Redwood Team – Digital Office Hours team in the Microsoft Teams app just like you practiced last week.

    What happens during open office hours?

    Open office hours is a time for you to clarify and/or catch up on work from Monday-Thursday. The Redwood Team will be available via email all day on Friday. If help or clarification is needed, you are welcome to schedule a chat or live meeting with your individual teachers.

    Digital Math Class Routine

    Math class will be broken down into 3 segments of 10 minutes.

    First 10 Minutes

    • Enter Math class by clicking the Team for “Math 7”
    • Join class meeting
    • Complete the Assignment for Attendance
    • Q and A time for last assignment

    Second 10 Minutes

    • Instruction by Ms. Fowler
    • Students access class materials

    Last 10 Minutes

    • Student work time
    • Questions

    Week of March 30 - April 3  Stay well.  Tune into Microsoft teams to see your teachers. We will have Office hours  starting Wednesday, April 1st.  More information coming.

    Tuesday, March 31,  Click on the link Geometry Vocabulary This should look familiar to you.  Define the terms.


    Click on the following link.    Geometry Scavenger Hunt    Find objects not just the shape alone. For example,  for the word Cylinder find a picture of a coffee can, not a picture of a cylinder. I hope that makes sense.


    Week of March 23-27


    March 27 - Today is a Study Island day. Please spend 30 minutes on the Homebound 1 assignment. (I can see how long you are on it.) Watch the lesson and do the practice.

    Also, there is a new app for you to download. in self-service download the "Microsoft team" app. Next week I will be holding a virtual classroom. We will all be able to log on and I will be able to answer questions and give instruction to you. We will have a set meeting time to log on. Sounds like fun!

    Have a good weekend!

    March 26- Click the link below and complete the Quizizz quiz. Please use your real name so I know who you are.

     Area and Perimeter Quizizz

     You may need to google the formulas. Do the work on separate paper and send me a picture of it.

    Area, Perimeter and Circumference 

    Formula Sheet

    I see that most of you did not work on Study Island. I know it's not fun but it is a great learning tool. Please work on it about 1/2 hour each day. If you can't find the assignment, go to "my classes", scroll down to Ms. Fowler period 1 and click on assignment. Watch the lesson and then complete the questions.

    For Tuesday, March 24th complete the link below.

    Cross sections of 3D figures

    Click on the link - Investigating cross sections and complete the activity.  Cross-Section Worksheet


    Recipe for Play-doh:

    • 4 Tablespoons flour
    • 2 Tablespoons Salt
    • Mix well
    • In another bowl mix together 2 Tablespoons warm water and 2-3 drops food coloring (optional) and 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
    • Add the flour/salt mixture to the liquid and mix well.
    • sprinkle some flour onto the countertop and put the play-doh mixture on it. Knead the flour into the play-doh until no longer sticky. 

    Week of March 16 - 20

              Click on link and respond to the google form.         March 16 Check

    •  I have put a Study Island assignment up called "Homebound 1". It includes work on Constant of Proportionality (Unit Rate). Look at the lesson first and then go through the questions. I check my email a few times through the day so if you have a question you can screen shot it and send it to me. Ill see if I can help you out. 
    • Stay Well!!

    Week of March 9 - 13

    • Due Monday 3/9:
    • Due Tuesday 3/10: Lesson 5.3 # 4-7
    • Due Wednesday 3/11: Lesson 5.3 #12-15
    • Due Thursday 3/12: Lesson 5.3 #18-20
    • Due Friday 3/12: Page 213 in textbook, # 9-16. Don't forget to bring a round treat.

    Week of March 2 - 6

    • Due Monday 3/2: No homework!!
    • Due Tuesday 3/3: Example Question and 12 - 14 in packet
    • Due Wednesday 3/4: Your choice!!
      • Front or back side of Constant of Proportionality worksheet
    • Due Thursday 3/5: 5.2 Representing Direct Proportions Graphically #1-6
    • Due Friday 3/6: Textbook page 264-264 #5 and 7

    Week of February 24-28

    • Due Wednesday 2/26: Complete Function Tables #1-10
    • Due Thursday 2/27: Complete Graphing Linear Equations & at least 4 graphs for "Function Tables"
    • Due Friday 2/28: Complete "Input/Output Tables..." & Graph!!
  • Upcoming Events & Assignments

    Chapter 5 Tuesday, march 17th. Don't forget to study!!

    Pi Day Celebration: Friday March 13         

    Pi Day Celebration handout