Programs used to support the curriculum:

    • Language Arts- My View, Heggerty, Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI), Science of Reading strategies 
      • Concentrates on building comprehension through weekly reading strategies
      • Vocabulary
      • Phonics/phonemic awareness 
      • Fluency- Decodable readers
      • Spelling(weekly/bi-weekly)- Refrigerator letter
      • Writing  
    • Math- Math in Focus
      • Teach, Guided Learning, Independent Practice (I do, we do, you do)
      • Thinking Cap/Enrichment pages- Deepen understanding and develop problem solving skills
    • Science- Science Fusion
      • Cross Curricular
      • STEM
      • Digital Labs
    • Social Studies- My World Interactive  



    A days- Library

    B days- PE

    C days- Music

    D Days- Art



    Daily Schedule 2022-2023


    8:20-8:40  Arrival

    8:50-9:30  Special

    9:30-10:40  Language Arts Block 1

    10:40-11:10   MTSS Reading (small group reading support)

    11:15-11:55   Language Arts Block 2

    11:55-12:45   Lunch/Recess

    12:45-1:10  Science

    1:10-2:15  Math

    2:15-2:30  Snack/Movement break

    2:30-3:05  MTSS Math (Small group Math Support) 

    3:05-3:15   Pack Up

    3:15- 3:45   Dismissal



    CLICK BELOW TO WATCH A VIDEO OF ME READING WITH MY KIDS. I recorded these videos during the spring covid quarentine 2020 to keep in contact with my students and review some of the comprehension strategies we were learning when we had our sudden two-week quarantine. Since then, many of my students have said they enjoyed watching these videos, so I decided to leave them on my website for students to continue to enjoy! 

    Read Aloud 1 with Wesley

    Read Aloud 2 with Wesley 

    Read Aloud 3 with Wesley

    Read Aloud 6 with Wesley 

    Read Aloud 5 with Wesley

    Read Aloud 6 with Wesley and Parker

    Read Aloud 7 (review comparing and contrasting) with Welsey 

    Read Aloud with Wesley (Theme/lesson of the story)


     Educational websites/ activities for students and families:

    CNUSD- Virtual Calming Room  - This Virtual Calming Room is a place for students and families to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings.  There are hundreds of student centered videos, including videos about mindfulness, guided meditation,visual relaxation, live animal videos, and virtual tours of famous places. My students' personal favorites are the live animal videos! 

    Storyline Online - On this site, celebrities read aloud their favorite books.

    Pebble Go - This is a great informational website for kids. They can research and learn about all kind of subjects!  The username is: Oxford (the “O” needs to be capitalized)   The password is: hornets

    Heart Word Videos - Heart Word Magic is a tool designed to help students learn to read and spell high-frequency words and sight words, particularly those that aren’t decodable.

    5 minute math fact practice-change the range to "0 to 9" and change the time to 300 seconds.  Uncheck the boxes to do one operation at a time. Try to beat your score every day!

    Starfall- This is a website that reviews language arts and math concepts in a fun way

    Ask Doug Mystery Science- This is an informational website where kids asks questions and Doug answers them in a kid friendly way.

    The Spanish Experience - Stories translated into Spanish




    UFLIParent Resource Hub (videos, websites)

    Reading Rockets - Parent videos to support struggling readers

    Florida Center for Reading Research (Family Resources): Here, parents, caregivers, and families can find resources to support their children’s reading.  

    Reading is Fundamental  Discover our reading resources, including suggested books that kids love, activity sheets, puzzles tips for parents and much more, that can encourage children to read. 

    EPIC APP- This is a paid app that gives students access to 1,000's of books, many of which will be read to students. 


    Art activity- On YouTube, search Art Hub for Kids. These videos walk students through directed drawing lessons. It teaches students active listening and the importance of following directions.