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     Tuesday, April 14th

    I hope everyone enjoyed your Spring break. I was lucky enough to receive several Easter pictures of your beautiful familes. Please keep those coming!! Please remind your parents to continue to check their emails. I am sending updates frequently. Everyone should have received a schedule for their live sessions with me. Please reach out to me if you have any conflicts with your schedule and we can make different arrangements. Above you will see two choice boards. These are your choices for daily assignments. If you are unable to complete all of the assignments mentioned above, please have your parent reach out to me. We will go over these choice boards at our live sessions today. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!!!


    Tuesday, April 7th

    Today we have a class meeting at 1:00. Parents, an email was just sent out with some important new information regarding our live sessions. Please check your email. I will be sending an invite for our meeting shortly. Please be on the lookout. 

    If you have seesaw up and running your can go on and begin to explore SeeSaw. You can pick one or two assignments and submit them to me.            


    You can go to your packet and complete one page for reading and one page for math. 


    Monday, April 6th

    Today we will be having a class meeting at 1:00 via Zoom. I look forward to seeing you all there. Ask your parents to check their email. I have sent them information on SeeSaw, a fun way to submit assignments. If you are set up with SeeSaw, check back for some new assignments. 

    If you are not set up on seesaw yet, please do the following: 


    Reading: 20 minutes of reading. This can be a book of your choice or from your reading packet. Practice your fluency!!!!! 

    Math- Pick a page from your math packet. Complete. 

     Writing-  Go to my pictures of the day on my website. Find the picture with the paper plate. This was the joke I played on my girls for April Fool's Day. Can you figure out what the trick was? Explain in writing what you think the trick was. Do you think I tricked them? How do you think they reacted? Remember, they are teenagers!!!


     Beginning on Monday, April 6th we will begin our online learning.


                                                                                                 Life is a balancing act. School is important but so is having fun with your family. Make sure you have a healthy balance.


    Parents, guardians and students- Take a deep breath!! You are all doing an amazing job and I am so proud of all of you!! Although I miss you all terribly I want you to know that we will all get through this together with teamwork.

    Tell your parents to check their email. I will be sending emails out soon with some important information. On Monday and Tuesday we will be getting used to our new learning routines. I will continue to post assignments on my website that you can work on at your own pace. 

    Please remember that this is new and different for all of us. I am learning something new every single day as I try to prepare for teaching you from home. This will probably take us a while to get used to our new school routines. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. 

     I will be posting our schedule shortly. Stay tuned!!!    

                                                                                                Keep Smiling and hang in there!!