• Final Exams:

    • All issued materials (textbooks, etc.) must be returned to the teacher that issued the materials on the day of the final exam. Any items that are not returned will result in an obligation.
    • Students must take exams on the scheduled exam day and time. If a student is absent, a parent must call the Assistant Principal’s Secretary the morning of the exam, Ms. Maria Sovine, 610-932-6641.
    • Students will not be permitted to take final exams prior to the scheduled exam day and time.
    • Students must make up exams by June 8, 2018. Students may complete missed exams over the summer no later than June 21, 2018.
    • Students with an A average in a specific class are exempt from that final exam, only. Students who are exempt from an exam MAY NOT leave school and return. Students must remain in all classes exercising proper respect and decorum during final exams. Students may not leave class prior to the end of a final exam.
    • Please see letter at the bottom of this document regarding underclass final exams and exemptions.
    • Teachers will notify students by June 1 if they are exempt from a final exam.   

    Course Failures:

    •  Teachers must notify parents immediately of any course failures. Teacher must contact the appropriate school counselor.

     iPad return:

    • iPads, cases, charging blocks, and charging cables will be collected during HR on the days designated above. Students will receive a zip lock bag where all materials will be placed. iPads will be placed in bins that will be brought to tech to review for damages and necessary items. Administration and security will transport tech bins. iPads should be fully charged upon return.
    • Students are encouraged to back up files prior to turning them in.
    • Students not returning iPads, cases, charging blocks, or charging cables will be issued an obligation that must be fulfilled. iPads = $294, cases = $35, charging blocks = $19, charging cords = $19


    • Obligations must be paid to Mrs. Zakeri by June 29, 2018.


    exempt letter