• School Opening  Overview

    The District appreciates your patience as we work through our educational plans and seek to allow for more normalized operations in the coming weeks and months. To this end, the District will follow a phased re-opening plan on the following timeline for both academics and athletics at this time. Please note there are variables with both plans centered on pandemic numbers, as reported by the CCDoH and the availability of staff.

    The District will seek to return to our Secondary buildings 7-12 on January 25th. Please note that this date could in fact be changed for 7-12 and pushed back if numbers are treading high for all grade levels. 

    Emails were sent to parents again to confirm their choice in a hybrid or virtual setting for the return to school, and the choice will be static for at least two weeks. If you would like to change your option, please email, Mr. DeEmilio at mdeemilio@oxfordasd.org. I certainly appreciate all that stakeholders have done during these abnormal times in education and look forward to a smooth transition into our full Flexible Instruction Plan.