Mr. Duffy Sample

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Duffy Sample

Course Overview:
Eighth grade Social Science provides a comprehensive course in which students will be exposed to historical events.
In Social Science we will cover Early American History thru the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. The text we use is; Creating America.

Writing Assignments:
There will be four writing assignments (one per quarter) for the students. Each assignment will have a rubric

Students can expect to have homework Monday - Thursday evenings and they may vary in length (See top of page for homework assignment). Homework is to reinforce the information that is covered in class, and will help to retain the material. Homework assignments should be written in student agendas.

It is important that students attend class in order to be successful with the material we are covering. Assignments which are not completed within a reasonable time will affect their grade. If a test, quiz or project is missed because of illness, the assignment will be due on the day they return (there will be some exceptions for extended illness). If you child is absent, please call the office, (610) 932-6615, to request the work missed.

Students grades will be based on a point system. Homework, in class work and quizzes are each given a percentage from which the students grade will be compiled. Grades will come from the following:

  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Projects
  • Homework
  • Note Book Check


  • Covered Textbook
  • Agenda
  • Binder
  • Presidential Notebook (provided by the school)