• Oxford Area High School May Students of the Month

    Each month teachers in selected departments nominate underclassmen for Students of the Month, with the final selections made by the school administration. Students of the Month are chosen based on criteria including demonstrating an effort and desire to learn; involvement in school and classroom activities; respect for all school policies and personnel; concern for the school community and friendliness and support for other students. The following Students of the Month for May were named after being nominated by members of the foreign languages, family and consumer sciences, and English as a Second Language departments.

    eliot long

    Eliot Long, freshman. Nominating teacher Katherine Gotwols said, "Eliot is pleasant, highly intelligent, participates daily, has a great sense of humor, and turns in all of his work on time, or sometimes even prior to due dates. He is a model student and just a pleasure to have in class. He is also kind and respectful towards everyone."


    Guadalupe Romero, freshman. Nominating teacher Geri Hurley said, "Even though Guadalupe does not have wifi, she is on top of her assignments. She has been extremely diligent about her school work during this very difficult time."


    Emma Sebastiani, freshman. Nominating teacher Anna Colvin said, "Emma is hardworking, honest, and caring, and a friend to all other students. Her positive attitude is contagious.

    "Emma has really embraced distance learning and all of the challenges that go along with it. It has been such a pleasure to have Emma in class."

    baylee couch  

    Baylee Couch, sophomore. Nominating teacher Diane Hauser said, "Baylee is incredibly positive and while we were in school always greeted me with a smile and kind word. She does incredible work and is always willing to help during preschool.  

    "During the time we have been out of school I recognized Baylee's incredible resiliency and persistence. She has had technical difficulties and is concerned about her assignments and just keeps trying. Baylee takes it upon herself to figure out how to work around the issues with technology and respectfully contacts her teachers and administrators for help."

    campbell fleming

    Campbell Fleming, sophomore. Nominating teacher Joseph Long said, "Not only is Campbell a model student who does all her work conscientiously and right away, but she overcomes any obstacles to get work done without complaint or diminished quality. She suffered a major sports-related concussion but kept at her work to a commendable degree. Campbell is a respectful, kind and engaging student, a most positive presence in her Latin class."

    guzman juarez

    Alex Guzman Juarez, sophomore. Nominating teacher Erin Warren said, "Alex is a smart student with a great sense of humor. He worked hard when we were in school, but has worked even harder with the online work.

    "Alex meets every deadline, even when it is not required. Everything he completes has clearly been given his best effort. I really enjoy having him in class."


    Abbigail Kehs, sophomore. Nominating teacher Monica Brown said, "Abby is a conscientious student, and she always goes above and beyond to assist me and her classmates when she can. Abby was a great help in the hands-on classroom. She has also done well adjusting to online school.

    Juan Carlos Avila, junior. Nominating teacher Christina Boyer said, "During this remote teaching model, Juan Carlos has gone above and beyond to complete his class work as well as reach out when he had questions or concerns. It makes life easier having students like him!"

    amie malone

    Amie Malone, junior. Nominating teacher Laura Shaw said, "Amie has a great attitude and is so pleasant to be around. She always provides high quality work and engages in classroom activities and discussions. 

    "Amie's efforts in learning Spanish even extend beyond the classroom, as she uses her skils at her job to communicate with her co-workers and clientele. I enjoy having her as a student."

    Darrelle Zavala, junior. Nominating teacher Isabel Ocampo said, "Darrelle is always optimistis in the classroom and via Teams, which is contagious to all. She takes initiative to help others and is a pleasure to teach."