Student Expectations

     Hello my Star students!

    Just a reminder: don't forget to complete the weekly assignment on Microsoft Teams.  

    Please note that anything listed on this page or on my Math Resource page are optional.

    **Please see the Virtual Learning Student Expectations link at the top of this page. 

    Problems of the Day for the week of June 1st:


    1.  What type of angle is bigger than 90 degrees?

    2. Area is length times _______.


    3.  The perimeter of a square with a side that measures 6cm is _______.


    4.  True or false:  a fraction can not be changed into a decimal.


    Here is a website with some great math games to try using a regular deck of cards-



    **If you played the multiplication game Kakooma in our room you'll definitely want to check out this website!  You can play the game using multiplication or addition.  There are other games to look at also.




    Please know that I am still checking my emails daily so if you have any questions/concerns don't hesitate to contact me.


    Enjoy your day!