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Hopewell School Students of the Month

Hopewell Elementary School teachers nominate Students of the Month based on their academic achievements and participation in class and school activities.

hopewell march students of the month

Pictured with, front from left, Principal Dr. Nicole Addis, Assistant Principal Jason Soule and Oxford Area School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Margaret Billings-Jones, fifth grade March Students of the Month are, front row from left, Samantha Kiernan, Brooke Zulauf, Jack Heriegel, Adam Czachorowski and Cameron Paris; second row from left, Abby Asmus, Zarai Romero, Christopher Tatum, Sara Curry, Ava Dewees and Abigail Pierson. Sixth grade March Students of the Month are, third row from left, Elena Kahn, Brisa Luna-Urrutia, Emilio Villasana-Cordero and Owen Oliver; top row from left, John Smoker, Jacob Wheaton, Breanna Roney, Lauren Callahan and Victoria England. Sixth grade Students of the Month Dulce Gabriel-Villagomez and Audrey Yesilonis are not pictured.