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Class of 2019 Awards

Oxford Area High School Class of 2019 Awards

senior awards night

On May 23, Oxford Area High School held its annual Senior Awards Night for the Class of 2019. Among the award recipients were, front from left, Mikaela Hall, Jasmin Cordova Rangel, Lynn Riden, Emily Weaver, Valentino Pirocchi, Jonathan Cabrera-Tapia and Michael Walling. Second row from left, Martha Carreon, Brayan Torres-Alvarez, Reagan Dolinger, Brianna Mazza, Jesse Shine, Rylynn Woods, Hope Shine, Kaitlin Bell and Marleen Toney. Third row from left, Julia Alesi, Erin Poole, Emily Krivanich, Amanda Quesenberry, Shelby Ramberger, Colleen Burnett, Brandon Rubbo and Julia Gunzel. Fourth row from left, Rylee Shafer, Alondra Popoca, Alexi Candelaria Cabrera, Allison Highfield, Courtney Schneider, Adam Warren, Matthew Towey and Liam Smith. Fifth row from left, Tyler Frick, Nicholas Olson, Michael Olson, Luke Sanders, Cassandra Boesenhofer, Naylene Flynn and Easton Hendrickson. Sixth row from left, Reese Canaday, Norman Quillen, Justin Dawson, Courtney Green, Noah Hewes, Jacob Hewes and Luke Winand. Top row from left, Quinton Hartert, Kenneth Herrera, Bret Kochmansky, Colin Lilly, Samuel Blevins, Nathan Roumaniotis and Peter Fontaine.


Alondra Popaca received the Eli Seth Matthews Scholarship from Paul Matthews. Alondra also received an American Legion School Achievement Award.


Brett Kochmansky accepted the $1,200 Uttam Patel Memorial Scholarship from Chris Hood.


Hope Shine received the Doris & Ellsworth McAllister Memorial Scholarship.


Noah Hewes accepted the Hopewell Scholarship, an anonymously-funded four-year, $40,000 package administered by the Oxford Educational Foundation, from OEF board member Susan Melrath, Executive Director Dr. Raymond Fischer and secretary Roberta McManus. Noah will attend Villanova University.


Brianna Mazza received the American Legion School Achievement Award from Robert Stewart. Brianna also received the Kacie Erin Rumford Memorial Scholarship.


Sam Blevins received the American Legion School Achievement Award from Robert Stewart.

legion 4

Reese Canaday received the American Legion School Achievement Award from Robert Stewart.

gold award

Shelby Ramberger received the Girl Scouts of America Gold Award.


Christina Boyer presented Oxford Area Education Association J.W. McMullen Memorial Scholarships to Colleen Burnett, left, and Amanda Quesenberry.

all around seniors

Mrs. Boyer presented Oxford Area Education Association Best All Around Senior awards to Jacob Hewes and Julia Gunzel.

class officers

Mrs. Boyer recognized Class of 2019 officers, from left, Luke Winand, Julia Gunzel, Marleen Toney, Julia Alesi, Brandon Rubbo and Michael Walling.


Rylynn Woods received the Lila P. Wilde Theatre Scholarship from Bridget Cotellese.


Cassandra Boesenhofer received the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2666 Brian O'Connor Music Award from Ms. Cotellese.


 Alison Highfield was awarded the Fraternal Order of Eagles #2666 Proficiency in Business Award. Alison also received the Julia Latimer Memorial Scholarship.

chamber of commerce

Brett Kochmansky and Courtney Schneider received Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce scholarships from Richard Hannum.


Amanda Quesenberry accepted the $1,000 Edward H. James Memorial Scholarship from Linda Forrester, for students who plan to pursue a teaching career.


Above, Luke Sanders accepts the Jeffrey V. Palita Memorial Scholarship from Linda Forrester, for students who will study TV production. Below, Luke accepts the Helen Corson Peace Award from Barbara Walker and David Williamson.



Rylynn Woods, above, and Mikaela Hall, below received the Richard Beards Scholarship of the Oxford Arts Alliance from Jay Eaton.

beards 2


Valentino Pirocchi, left, and Quinton Hartert accepted Oxford Band Parents Association Scholarships from Janice Snowden.


Easton Hendrickson received the Andre J. Dupois Memorial Scholarship from Myles Standish and Ollie Dupuis.


Tyler Frick received the Chester County School Nurse Scholarship from Tish Foster. Tyler was also awarded an Oxford PTO Scholarship.


Sam Blevins received the Robert N. Means Community Service Award from Michael Means.


Guadalupe Olvera-Aguilera accepted the Wharton Scholarship from Zach Wharton.

mary mcleod

Luke Winand received the Mary McLeod Scholarship from Shelley McLeod Meadowcroft and Chris McLeod.

womens club

From left, Lynn Riden, Jesse Shine and Jasmin Cordova Rangel received Oxford Women's Club Awards from Jane Freeman. Aracely Escoto Renteria also received the award. 

football boosters

Brett Kochmansky accepted the Oxford Hornets Football Boosters Scholarship from Day Iseminger and Coach Means.


From left, Kaitlin Bell, Noah Hewes, Matthew Towey and Michael Walling each received $10,000 Griffith Family Scholarships from Laura Roberts.

little league 1

Julia Alesi, above, and Matthew Towey, below, accepted Oxford Little League Awards from Jennifer Carter.

little league 2

okonee 1

Above, Michael Olson and Nicholas Olson accept the Ocklokonee Council No. 212, Attendance Award. Below, Emily Weaver accepts the Ocklokonee Council No. 212 I.O.R.M. Award, which was also presented to Aracely Escoto Renteria.

oconee 2


Nathan Roumaniotis, above, and Quinton Hartert, below, received Oxford PTO Scholarships from Clarice Russell.

pto 2


Courtney Schneider and Samuel Blevins received the Oxford Area School Board Outanding Senior Award from Board President Joseph Tighe.


Kaitlin Bell received the Chester/Delaware Farm Bureau Scholarship from Howard Robisnon.


Rylee Shafer received the E. Kneale Dockstader Scholarship from Bill Maslanka.


Amy Perkins, second from left, and Buzz Tyson awarded Lighthouse Youth Center Scholarships to, from left, Luke Sanders, Brayan Torres-Alvarez, Martha Carreon, Guadalupe Olvera-Aguilera and Jonathan Cabrera-Tapia.


Erin Poole received the JLC Scholarship from Superintendent of Schools David Woods.


Samuel Blevins and Alexi Candelaria Cabrera received the Isabel P. Wesel Scholarshp from Philip Wesel.


Peter Fontaine received the OAHS Boys' Lacrosse Scholarship from Chas Raysik.


Alexi Candelaria Cabrera received the OAHS Class of 1982 Scholarship from Donna Patrick-Roten.


From left, Colleen Burnett, Liam Smith, Alexi Candelaria Cabrera and Alondra Popoca received American Mushroom Institute Sarah Manning Scholarships from Rachel Roberts.


Matthew Towey and Sam Blevins receiveed the Aveline Scholarship from Maria Auch.


Justin Dawson received the Frank P. Woolston Memorial Award from OAHS Assistant Principal Dana Douglas.


Kenneth Herrera received the Oxford Area High School Inspiration Award from Mrs. Douglas.

golden bears

Courtney Green and Colin Lilly received Oxford Golden Bears Awards from Mrs. Douglas.


From left, Amanda Quesenberry, Naylene Flynn, Shelby Ramberger, Colleen Burnett and Hope Shine received the George & Georgina Jackson Scholarship from Mrs. Douglas.


Marleen Toney received the OAHS Class of 1968 Scholarship from Assistant Principal Matthew Hovanec.


Emily Krivanich received the Octorara Chapter No. 463 Proficiency in Agriculture Award from Mr. Hovanec.

sun east

Tyler Frick received the Sun East Federal Credit Union "People Helping People" Award from Mr. Hovanec.

union fire

Luke Winand received the Union Fire Co. Auxiliary #1 Award from Mr. Hovanec.


Brandon Rubbo received the Chip Lewis Memorial Scholarship from Principal James Canaday.


Adam Finn Warren received the J. Donald McLeod Rotary Memorial Scholarship from Mr. Canaday.

gray nichols

Reagan Dolinger received the VFW Gray Nichols Post 1779 Award from Mr. Canaday.


Norman Quillen and Justin Dawson received the Samuel J. England Memorial Scholarship from Mr. Canaday.

The following awards and scholarships were presented prior to Senior Awards Night:

Alma Newlin Scholarship - Alexi Candelaria Cabrera, Reese Canaday, Alondra Popoca, Adam Finn Warren.

America's Famers Grow A Leader Scholarship - Kaitlin Bell

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award - Reagan Dolinger

Delaware Valley School Business Officials Scholarship - Brett Kochmansky

Fraternal Order of Police Tom Pease Scholarship - Reagan Dolinger

Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Award - Julia Gunzel

John Phillip Sousa Award - Quinton Hartert

Leos Club Scholarship - Reese Canaday

Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit Foundation Scholarship - Kaitlin Bell

National Merit Scholarship - Hannah Bartlett

Oxford Area School Board Representative - Lauren Watkins

PA Angus Auxiliary Scholarship - Kaitlin Bell

Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit

  • Highest Honor - Hannah Bartlett
  • High Honor - Sarah Bartlett
  • Honor - Julia Gunzel

Vertex All in for CF Scholarship - Brett Kochmansky

Widener University Leadership Award - Luke Winand

6-ABC 2019 Best of Class - Kaitlin Bell

The following seniors were recognized for earning college credit through the high school’s dual enrollment program: Margaret Anderson, Elizabeth Bailey, Samantha Bartos, Samuel Blevins, Caitlin Borrelli, Allison Brinton, Colleen Burnett, Sydney Campbell, Alexi Candelaria Cabrera, Jasmin Cordova-Rangel, Jadyn Crowley, Benjamin DalPorto, Abigail Darragh, Colby DeHaut, Daniella Dodds, Brianna D'Orazio, Kimberly Droz, Brianna Fairman, Naylene Flynn, Tyler Frick, Brissa Garcia-Velazquez, Quinton Hartert, Alex Impriano, Riley Kelly, Tyree Larry, Joseph LaChette, Samantha Loftus, Alaina Meehan, Emma Miller, Autumn Mock, David Patel, Erin Poole, Alondra Popoca, Amanda Quesenberry, Cameron Sivels, Ashlynn Stewart, Johahs Svenson, Emily Weaver, Alysen Zabosky, Emily Zabosky, Jia Zheng  

The following students were recognized for earning associate’s degrees from Cecil College through the Early College Academy program: Kaitlin Bell, Brandon Brown, Alexis Clark, Jenna Cross, Jude DeGrave, Thomas Harris, Brenan Italia, Mason Kay, Cayla Kerr, Aedan Maio, Carolyn Morse, Jennifer Orcutt, Jenna Porter, Luke Sanders, Emily Stewart, Luke Winand

The following seniors were recognized for completing their freshman year at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology through the Early Enrollers program: Blake Brady, Tyler Gay, Easton Hendrickson, Joshua Little, Brayan Sanchez