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Hopewell School Students of the Month

Hopewell Elementary School teachers nominate Students of the Month based on their academic achievements and participation in class and school activities.

december students of the month

Pictured with Principal Dr. Nicole Addis and Assistant Principal Jason Soule, fifth grade December Students of the Month are, front row from left, Tessa Williston, Kelsey Lee, Cami Nields, Eden Rogers and Alexis Badolato; second row from left, Paul Williams, Jr., Danielle Steele, Kevin Hernandez-Lopez, Cash Cooper, Kayla Kodish and Brittney Colin-Malvaes. Sixth grade December Students of the Month are, third row from left, Jack Heriegel, Claire Livingston, Ariana Bedola, Noelia Hernandez, Kiernan Clark and Emma McGlothlin; top row from left, Nathan Zakeri, Robbie Bolton, Aniah McClain, Kara Koehler and Laura Walsh. Sixth grade Student of the Month Haylee Downward is not pictured.