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Nottingham Safety Patrol Induction

nottingham safety patrol

New fourth grade members of the Nottingham Elementary School Safety Patrol are, front from left, Emily Guthrie, Sayani Morales Flores, Taylor Molnar, Jordyn Palmer, Kimberly Leonard and Molly Lewis; second row from left, Shawn Prinsloo, Camryn Powers, Ronan Walsh, Camilla Sanchez-Alba, Emileigh Rodriguez, Kayla Kodish and Keval Mehta; third row from left, Henry Sleesman, Lucia Contreras, Ember Poppiti, Shaelyn Kienzle, Carleigh Zipfel, Jalynn Zinser, Brandon Martin and Tori Mills. Kylee Brown is not pictured. Pictured top from left are Nottingham Police Officer Joe Cella, Safety Patrol faculty coordinator Rebecca Gregg, Assistant Principal Mark DeEmilio, Oxford Borough Police Officer Ryan Doherty and Principal Lisa Yingst-Pyle.

Nottingham Elementary School recently kicked off its Safety Patrol program for 2018-19 with the induction of 22 fourth grade students into the patrol, which is sponsored by the AAA Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education and the Oxford Borough Police Department. Patrollers help direct fellow students to safely cross streets and driveways, exit and enter buses, and walk to their homerooms quickly and quietly.

Patrol members also teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis and serve as role models. Members receive complete training in traffic safety, and develop safety awareness, leadership skills, the ability to work as a team, self-esteem, civic mindedness and respect for law enforcement.