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OAHS November Students of the Month

Oxford Area High School recently held a breakfast to recognize the school’s Students of the Month for November. Each month teachers in selected departments nominate underclassmen for this honor, with the final selections made by the school administration.

Students of the Month are chosen based on criteria including demonstrating an effort and desire to learn; involvement in school and classroom activities; respect for all school policies and personnel; concern for the school community and friendliness and support for other students. The following Students of the Month for November were named after being nominated by members of the business education, music, art, gifted education and nursing departments.

november students of the month

Oxford Area High School recently named its Students of the Month for November. Seated from left are sophomore Zach Rafferty, freshman Giselle Sanchez-Alba and junior Ainsley Eimer. Standing from left are sophomores Anna Kline and Owen Alioto, junior Brayden Todd, sophomore Garrett Brady and freshman Braedan Singley. Junior Wei Long Zheng is not pictured.

giselle sanchez-alba

Giselle Sanchez-Alba, freshman. Nominating teacher Bethany Geating Custer said, "Giselle is an excellent student and a good example to her classmates. She is always engaged and ready to work, and her grades express that about her.

"I have really seen Giselle open up this marking period and have appreciated her contributions to class discussions. She also shows a work ethic that will take her far in this world. It was such a pleasure to have Giselle this marking period." 

braedan singley

Braedan Singley, freshman: Nominating teacher Kimberly Webber said, “Braedan is a very respectful student. He is kind and friendly to his teachers and peers.

"Braedan comes to class every day with a positive attitude, ready to learn. He is also the very first freshman I have ever had in an accounting class, and this is my 32nd year of teaching the subject. Braedan has done extremely well and seems to enjoy the course.

Owen Alioto

Owen Alioto, sophomore: Nominating teacher Valerie Hill said, “Owen continues to surprise me with his art every day in class. He is very curious and analytical.

"Owen has a really interesting brain, and the way he sees things is special. He has a natural gift and is always ready to learn."

garrett brady

Garrett Brady, sophomore. Nominating teacher Jackie Mavrelos said, "Garrett consistently shows care and concern for others, as well as academic commitment. While Garrett ensures he does well in the classroom, he is aware of those around him.

"Garrett seeks to include others across grade levels and abilities and encourages them to be more comfortable with who they are. He works to bring the best out in others."

anna kline

Anna Kline, sophomore. Nominating teacher Jennifer Muehlmatt said, "Anna is an awesome artist and student. She gives her very best and then some.

"Anna is fourth in her class! She is always upbeat and respectful." 

zachary rafferty

Zach Rafferty, sophomore: According to school nurses Tish Foster and Nichole Cardirople, “Our relationship with students is different from that of a classroom teacher. Part of our criteria for nominating a Student of the Month is manners, reliability and humor.

"Over the past two years Zach has exhibited all of these qualities. We look forward to seeing him - he is polite and has a good sense of humor while being respectful.”

ainsley eimer

Ainsley Eimer, junior: Nominating teacher Jason McLead said, "Besides being a wonderful student, this past summer Ainsley redesigned the Oxford Rotary's website on her own time."

brayden todd

Brayden Todd, junior. Nominating teacher Erin Kauppila said, "Brayden is an excellent student and musician. He is always prepared and focused on what we are doing in rehearsals.

"Brayden is a strong leader and takes his band leadership role very seriously. He works very hard to achieve the best results possible.

"Brayden is not afraid to ask questions if he is unsure of something, and is always willing to help his fellow band members if they are in need of assistance. He is a joy to teach and an asset to the OAHS music program."

wei long zheng

Wei Long Zheng, junior. Nominating teacher Dave Martin said, "I've had Wei Long in three business classes and he always has a positive attitude, participates enthusiastically, and is always excited and curious about the subject matter."