January Starts with Pokemon Day!

Posted by Francine Gulino on 1/7/2020

Pichu card

Pokemon Day

Hello and I hope you are ready  for a new year!  This month we started out with a bang -- or should I say a Thundershock!  January 2nd was Pokemon Day.  Twenty three of my students participated (which is almost half of my caseload).  They came in, picked a pokemon, described it, explained how it was the same/different from another Pokemon, and finally made their own Pokemon cards using a tool on the internet.  I have uploaded one of the cards so you can see.  

I am attaching a link to the Pokemon Card Creator that we used to produce these cards.  It is here.


Goal Board

The rest of this month, we will focus on goals.  We will make a goal board where we count how many speech goals we master for the year 2020.  I will also share my own personal goals with the students.  When it is finished, I will post it on the website.  Perhaps you might want to speak with your child about your own goals this month.