• Hornet Virtual Academy - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q:  Why is the Oxford Area School District offering the Hornet Virtual Academy for students?

    A: The purpose of the Hornet Virtual Academy (HVA) is to provide a virtual option for Oxford Area School District students who are not able to participate in a traditional school environment.  It is HVA’s goal to support learners virtually by creating a flexible environment tailored to the needs of the students through the use of synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid course options and supports. 


    Q:  What is the benefit of sending my child to the Hornet Virtual Academy?


    • HVA students receive Oxford Area School District’s world-class education taught by the same teachers as our brick and mortar students.

    • Depending on grade, students can choose from a selection of classes offered synchronously, asynchronously or as a hybrid model.

    • Upon completion of the Hornet Virtual Academy, students will earn an Oxford Area School District diploma.

    • Students receive academic support from Oxford Area School District employees. 

    • Students are part of our virtual as well as our brick and mortar communities with the unique ability to participate in both as an OASD student.

    • Students participate in a vast array of extracurriculars offered by the District including sports and clubs.

    • Students can attend career readiness programming with our partner schools at Technical College High School.

    • 1-1 Student/technology device ratio 

    • Students will return to their home school district and attend school with their peers. 


    Q:  Who will be providing the academic component at the Hornet Virtual Academy?

    A: High quality, certified Oxford Area School District employees provide academic instruction and support for all students. Students at HVA receive the same world-class academic programming that each student in the District receives.


    Q:  What academic support will be given to my child in the Hornet Virtual Academy?

    A:  The Hornet Virtual Academy uses a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), just as the students in the brick and mortar settings receive.  Academic Support can include, but is not limited to: 

    Peer tutoring

    Teacher support

    Guidance Services 

    ELL Services

    Special Education Services including but not limited to:

    Occupational Therapy

    Physical Therapy

    Speech and Language Instruction 

    Gifted Education 

    504 and IEP support and consultation


    Q:  If my child needs additional support, can they meet with a teacher 1-1? 

    A: Each teacher has built in office hours to help support students virtually in their classes.  Your child will also have the support of a Guidance Counselor and will have access to peer tutoring after regular school hours. 


    Q:  I want my child to take dual credit opportunities. Can this happen if they are enrolled in the Hornet Virtual Academy?

    A:  Dual credit is available in many programs and partnerships with local and regional institutions of higher learning.  We also offer dual credit courses leading to an associate's degree program where the student must follow a prescribed set of courses and course modalities. Students can also attend career readiness programming with our partner schools at Technical College High School.


    Q:  What resources are available to families to support virtual learning at home?

    A:Teachers provide information to families pertaining to their specific classes on how families can support their students at home.  Should families need additional support, they are encouraged to reach out to their child’s teacher or guidance counselor.  Should families need immediate support, please reach out to the Academy Administrator.  If families require technology assistance, please contact the Help Desk directly.


    Q:  What is the Oxford Area School District’s plan for special education services and accommodations if my child is enrolled in the Hornet Virtual Academy?

    A: Students that presently have a 504 or an IEP will meet with a Special Education Case manager to go over accommodations and or services that we are able to provide in a virtual setting.  In some instances, students may be requested to attend a brick and mortar location to have services provided to them in accordance with their Special Education documents.  Any questions or concerns regarding your child’s Special Education Services should be directed to their Case manager or to the Academy administrator. 


    Q: What is the Oxford Area School District’s plan for students with limited English proficiency if they are enrolled in the Hornet Virtual Academy?

    A: Students will receive instruction  from a certified English as a Second Language Specialist based upon their ACCESS scores. Should your child require additional support, please notify your child’s teacher, Guidance Counselor or the Academy Administrator.