Hello Room 205!

    Here are some ideas to keep you learning and having fun while you are at home.

    Check back now and then for new updates as I find cool stuff to share with you. 

     Please copy and paste the websites in your web browser.






     http://juniebjones.com/-Visit with our favorite chapter book character!!

     Please download apps from the App store on your devices.

     Kahn Acadamy Kids app ~ I really thought this was good!  Check out the early readers!  

    edhelper has printable resources for at home school if you have access to a printer.


     Book It has some good printables as well. Go to the website and look under resources. I like the alphabet scavenger hunt.



    Loving2Read has lots of online books ~ including books that will work similarly to our yellow, green and blue books. I hope that you can use this as a replacement for those books. It seems like there were a good selection of early readers that the kids could read by themselves.



    Legos are a great way to work on fine motor skills, language development and creativity. If you have legos at home, try this LEGO challenge! 

    Lego challenge

    Here are some other LEGO math activities to try!


     Try abcya.com for fun and educational games. For an extra challenge, choose 1st grade instead of kindergarten sometimes!


    Try some writing at home! Don’t worry about spelling (except sight words), just stretch out words and write the sounds you hear! Hear are some reminders about writing for kindergarteners.




    Try the MADLIBS app! We learn about nouns, verbs and adjectives in kindergarten and MADLIBS is a fun way to practice. Kids will need the help of a grown up or older sibling for this - but I think it would be a fun, worthwhile learning activity for them.



    Here are some reminders for reading with your child:

        ~Use the animal strategies to help your child figure out how to read unknown words. 

        ~Use the book talk questions after reading with or to your child

    Reading strategies                 


          Book talk