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    Please note: The Registration Office continues to review new student applications during the Summer of 2021. You must upload your required documents into your PowerSchool Account to begin the registration process. Failure to upload your required documents will result in a significant delay in the completion of the student's registration.  Please email registration@oxfordasd.org with any questions or concerns.  

    *If you have completed registration please be assured that the schools will reach out to all parents of new incoming students at a later date.  Originally scheduled events, screenings, or assessments may need to be rescheduled due to the school closure. You may contact your school building secretary via email with any school-related questions. 

    Welcome to OASD! Register your new student using OASD's online registration system powered by PowerSchool Enrollment. A new student is defined as a student who has never attended a school in the Oxford Area School District or a previous OASD student that withdrew and is re-enrolling. FAQs can be found to the right. 

    Steps to register:

    1. Complete the New Student Registration form online. Make sure you read all the way through the information on the form and attach all documents as requested. Your account will automatically be logged off due to a period of inactivity.
    2. All student registrations will be completed electronically. If you are unable to scan/attach requested documents to your electronic application, please mail copies of all requested documents to the following address:

                            ATTN: OASD District Registrar/Megonigal

    Oxford Area School District

    125 Bell Tower Lane

    Oxford, PA 19363

              Your registration can not be completed without the requested documentation.


    If you are new to OASD and enrolling for the UPCOMING 2021-2022 school year, please begin the registration process: ​




    Requirements for School Enrollment

    School Vaccination Requirements 

    Requisitos Para La Matricula Escolar

    Private Dentist Report/Reporte de Dentista

    Private Physician's Report/Reprote de Medico


    • How do I get started?

    Visit the OASD Student Registration Online and click the 2021-2022 New Student Registration link. Select “Create Account” on the left.

    You will need to create a unique login and password for your account

    This allows you to securely save your work and come back at a later time if necessary. You can use your email address or cell phone number to create and account. Please remember this login and password.  Please note that once you are logged on you will enter into a timed session to greatly reduce the chances of someone else accessing your information.  You will automatically be logged off due to inactivity.

    Do I have to answer all the questions?

    Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.  

    What if I make a mistake?

    If you would like to make a change, prior to submitting the form, you can either navigate back to the page using the “< Prev” and “Next >” buttons. Or if you are on the Review page, click on the underlined field. If you have already submitted the form, then you will need to contact the Central Office for OASD at (610) 932-6600, so that we can make the changes for you.

    I’ve completed the form, now what?

    ​​Once you have finished entering your information, click “Submit” and you will receive additional instructions. All the information you’ve entered will electronically be sent to the school. If you cannot click on the Submit button, you will need to make sure that you have answered all the REQUIRED questions. Any missed questions will show up red in the form review process.

    What if I have more than one student in the district? Do I need to do this for each child?
    Yes, because you’ll need to provide information that is specific for each child. We recommend that you complete and submit one form and then start another – this will allow you to share selected family information from the completed form to your next application, which saves you time.

    I’m not sure how to answer a question. I don’t know what the question is asking. 
    You can contact the Central Office for OASD at (610) 932-6600.

    Help! I’m having technical difficulties.

    If you experience technical issues completing the online form in PowerSchool Registration, you may contact the PowerSchool Registration support line at 866-434-6276.  Visit the PowerSchool Community Enrollment help website: https://help.powerschool.com/t5/PowerSchool-Enrollment-Family/ct-p/PowerSchoolRegistration.

    The PowerSchool Enrollment Technical Help/Live Chat: https://help.powerschool.com/t5/Support-Case-Chat/ct-p/SupportCaseChat.

    Retrieving a password can be done either online or by contacting the PowerSchool Registration Support Team directly.  

    1. To retrieve a password online, the family can select the 'Forgot password?' link on the Account Sign In screen. From there they must enter the account's associated Email Address. They will then be able to either recover a temporary password sent to their account's email address, or they can choose to answer their security questions online and immediately enter a new password.
    2. The PowerSchool Registration Support Team will be able to send a temporary password to the account's email address, or, after answering the security questions, will be able to change the password on the account. For security and privacy reasons the PowerSchool Registration Support Team does not have access to current passwords.