Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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    The mission of the Oxford Area School District states that all students will achieve academic excellence in a safe and nurturing environment as we prepare each student to be a confident, contributing, productive and responsible citizen. Curriculum and instruction are the foundations that support this mission.  It is quality curriculum and skillful instruction that are stepping stones for every student on the path of success in the Oxford Area School District. One of the measures we use to gauge the success of our programs is through varied assessments.

    Each subject area curricula is reviewed  through our curriculum cycle to ensure that it upholds true academic rigor, is current with regard to research and is tied to best practices. Curriculum and Instruction is under the immediate direction of the assistant superintendent, who works closely with all building administrators and district directors in supporting the teachers and staff working to develop students. This is accomplished through meaningful staff development based on district initiatives and identified and administrative needs.  

    Assessments are tools used throughout the year to measure student growth and allow the teaching staff to differentiate instruction and meet each student's academic needs. The district participates in mandated assessments and utilizes standardized and district formative and summative assessments. For the district assessment schedule click here.