• Math

    The District designed a comprehensive K-12 Math Program that provides a vertical alignment and consistent approach to instruction in mathematiccs for all students. The process used to develop the math curriculum followed the district model for curriculm analysis, design, implementation and evaluation that  was developed in 2013. This model involves each grade representative K-12, together with administration in a committee format, to develop and maintain ongoing annual professional oversight of the math curriculum, making committee recommendations to the district. Resources for math instruction are both digital and hard copy.

    The current text book series used to support the district's math curriculum  K-8 is HMH, Math in Focus. The district adopted the text series Big Ideas in Algebra and Geometry, Cengage Learning in Trigonometry, Precalcuus and Calculus. Additionally Pearson materials are used in Statistics and a Precalculus with Graphing Utilities.  Each of these series have digital supporting resources for the student, the teacher and the parent.

    If you have any questions in accessing the resources to support your child in math, contact your child's teacher and or building principal for a comprehensive list of resources. If you have further questions, contact the assistant superintendent.