• Early College Academy


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    The Early College Academy is a bold approach, based on the principle that academic rigor, combined with the chance to save time and money, is a powerful force for students to work hard and meet serious challenges. ECA is a unique pathway for students to achieve and enhance their high school experience. This program blends high school and college into a rigorous yet supportive program, compressing the time it takes to complete a high school diploma and the first two years of college. By changing the normal high school structure and compressing the number of years to attain a college degree, the Early College Academy can improve graduation rates and better prepare students for entry into high skill careers.

    ECA will enroll students entering 9th grade at Oxford Area High School. Students will complete a required program to introduce them to college life, academic expectations, and resources available to them during their four years in the program. Throughout their enrollment, students will be supported by tutors, mentors, and advisors from the OAHS and Cecil College staff. While taking classes, students are guided through seminars and advising to help them build the academic skills needed to succeed in high school and college.

    Interested 8th grade students must complete an application for joint review by Cecil College and OAHS staff members. Students accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter signed by both parties.

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