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    Mrs. Baughman’s Kindergarten Class      


               Fall is such a fun time here in Room 107.  We studied apples and were able to eat them in different ways.  The class graphed which apple they liked best; red, yellow, or green.  In our class more students liked yellow the most.  We will finish the apple unit by making some yummy apple sauce on Thursday, October 17th. 

               We will be taking a field trip to the Herr’s Factory on Monday, October 28th  to see how wonderful snacks are made. 

    The students will learn about Fire Safety this month and take a walking trip to the Oxford Fire House on Tuesday,  October 29th from 12:45-2:15.  Discuss at home what your family plan is in case of a fire.

    We will be having our Fall Harvest Party on Thursday, October 31st from 1:45-2:30.  We will begin with fall centers and then have a yummy party.  Parents are welcome to attend and help.  Also, if you need to bring a younger child, please only come to the food part of the party which will begin around 2:15.

    On Thursday, October 31st the class will get a chance to show their decorated masks for our annual mask parade.  More information will be sent home soon. 


    Smart Cookie Curriculum:


    The class will continue to practice how to classify and  categorize items in a story.  They will also review characters and  setting.  We will   compare and contrast nonfiction stories with fiction stories to show the differences and similarities.


    The students will learn how  to write sentences by starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces between words, and ending with a period.  They will also learn how to label pictures with words by sounding out the words and writing what they hear.  The students will also make lists.

    Phonics and Phonemic Awareness-

    We will continue to focus on letter sounds.  The students will    begin to focus on where they hear the sound, in the beginning, middle, or end of a word.  The class will also review syllables and rhyming.


    We will learn all about numbers; 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0.  We will also practice pairing numbers with sets of items and pairing one to one. 

    Social Studies–

    We will be learning about fall, apples, pumpkins,  Christopher Columbus, and Fire Safety.

    Popcorn Words– 

    Please review- the, little, to, a, have, is

    New words for Unit 2– have, is, we, my, like, he, for
    gingerbread man
    Run, Run, as fast as you can! You can’t outrun these Upcoming Events!  


    Monday, October 14th  and Tuesday, October 15th- 

    No School In-Service Day

    Monday, October 28th–

                         Herr’s Field Trip                      

         Tuesday, October 29th-

    Fire House Visit– 12:45-2:15

    Thursday, October 31st-

    Mask Parade and Fall Party    1:45-2:30



    Happy Birthday! 

    October 11–   Kenya                October 15– Kourtney           October 24– Travis                October 25–    Rollen