• Buzzing Bee

    Buzzing Our Way to Better Handwriting

    Handwriting is very important at Jordan Bank Elementary.  For this reason we have developed a handwriting curriculum to help students with handwriting.  Our curriculum is a way for all teachers at Jordan Bank to use the same language and techniques when teaching handwriting.  Here are some tips for you to use at home.

    Pencil Grip:
    If you notice your child needs help holding a pencil. Use some of these ideas:

    Teach children to carefully pinch their pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb together like they are carefully picking up a bee. Then have them hold a pencil in between these fingers.

    Have your child squeeze a cotton ball with their ring and pinkie fingers to the palm of their hands.  This will help keep the last two fingers engaged while they use the other three to hold the pencil.

    Pencil Grip

    Letter Formation:
    We will be using the skyline, flower line, grass line, and dirt to help with letter formation this year.  Remind them to always start their letters at the top.  There is also a page on letter formation found in your child's BEE Book.