• Math In Kindergarten

    We use the Math in Focus Program to teach math to our kindergarten students.

    Below is a link to watch informational videos for parents about the Math in Focus Program

    Math in Focus-Kindergarten


    What will Math in Focus look like in the classroom?

    Math in Focus is aligned with Common Core State Standards, the new more rigorous standards we are working to meet to ensure our children are competitive both nationally and internationally.

    What will you see in the classroom?

    Focused Work and Mastery!  Math in Focus introduces fewer topics in each grade, but teaches them deeply and to mastery.  In the past, we have introduced many topics, but have not had the opportunity to go in depth, and ensure our students truly understand concepts to mastery.

    Visual and Balanced Approach!  Math in Focus is highly visual, following a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression.

    Focus on Number and Operations!  Math in Focus is sequenced in a way that ensures students develop a strong number sense.  Students spend much of the first half of the year studying numbers.  This is necessary to move on to more complex and abstract thinking.

    Problem Solving Using Model-Drawing!  The Singapore approach utilizes model-drawing strategies to help students solve problems.  The problems utilized in Math in Focus are high quality and complex in nature.

    Importance of Attitudes and Metacognition!  The Singapore approach emphasizes the importance of attitude, and the ability to self-monitor while problem solving to achieve success in math.  Students will be learning about perseverance as well!  We know they can spend endless hours on certain things (like video games), so let's build stamina in math as well.  We want our children to be able to think and problem solve - a life skill!

    Source:  Singapore Math