• Room 107 Homework

    Homework is an important component in the learning process. I feel that it is wonderful way for parents to keep connected to what their children are learning. It also helps parents understand what is expected from their Kindergartener.  Monthly homework calendars will be sent home at the beginning of the month and need to be returned around the end of the month.

    Students will also need to read for 15 minutes a night with their RED Reading Books. Please don't forget to sign the Reading Log.

    Please keep in mind that kindergarteners will need help completing these homework assignments.  

    Throughout the year I may send home additional projects that are fun and engaging for the entire family.

    As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns in the area of homework. Homework should be a great bonding and interactive activity between parents and their children. If you feel that homework is a stuggle, please contact me immediately.  

    Thank you in advance for helping and encouraging your child to complete their reading and homework each week!

    Make Time for Homework