• Bee with Book

    Bring Everything Everyday Folder- or as the we call them- BEE Folders

    The Bring Everything Everyday Folder is a way for the school and home to communicate everyday. Your chid will be given a BEE Folder by the teacher at the beginning of the year.

    • Your child should bring the folder to school everyday.
    • Please check the folder every night when your child gets home.
    • We will send home important papers in the BEE Folder.
    • We ask that you place any papers and notes in the BEE Folder as well.
    • We will check the BEE Folder every morning.
    • Your child's behavior calendar and homework will be found in this BEE Folder.
    • Please place any money (for field trips or KinderSnack) or notes in the ziplock bag found in the BEE Folder.

    Important information about our class and helpful information about Kindergarten learning will be found in the BEE Folder.