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     Read Every Day- R.E.D. Reading Folders

    The R.E.D. (Read Every Day) folder is a part of your child’s nightly reading homework.

    By reading with your child as often as you can and asking the provided questions, you will promote and practice fluency and comprehension skills to support this journey!

    For homework each night, please do the following:

    • Have your child read the books that are in their RED Folder.
    • Please do not allow your child to struggle through the words. Give him/her a chance to decode it, but if they continue to struggle, tell them the word so they can continue reading.  
    • Ask your child 3-4 comprehension questions from the list provided
    •  Read with your child for 15 minutes- This is one step on the reading log. Then just initial the next step in your child's log.  
    • Return the books to school in your child’s RED Folder
    • The RED books belong to our classroom. Please remind your child the appropriate way to treat our books and be sure all books are returned the next day so they can get new books.

    I am so eager to witness the excitement as your child’s ability to read improves and grows this year! Thank you so much for your support!


    Click this link to go to my learning page to see a screencast  Reading Comprehension Video

     Sample Reading Questions

    What is the title of the story?

    Can you think of another title?

    What is the story about?

    Could this story really happen? Why or why not?

    Is this story real or make believe? How do you know?

    Is this story full of facts? If so, tell me two facts that you learned.

    Where is the setting of the story? (Where does the story take place)  What time of day does the story take place?

    Who are the characters in the story? (Who are the people or animals the story is about)

    Is there a problem in the story? If so, what is the problem?

    What is the solution to the problem in the story?

    Can you think of another solution? How do you think your solution will change the ending?

    What happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story?

    Did you like the story? Why or why not?

    Can you think of a different ending for the story?

    What would you do if you were in the story?

    Would you recommend this story to a friend? Why or why not?