• Welcome to Kindergarten


    Here are a Few Helpful Hints to Help in Kindergarten!

    BUS RIDERS- Please encourage your child to ride the bus so he/she can become familiar with riding it, especially the first couple of days. There will be lots of help to ensure that every child finds his/her classroom and the bus with ease. PLEASE, HELP YOUR CHILD LEARN HIS/HER BUS NUMBER BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. For the first few weeks of school we will write their bus number on their hands with washable markers. This is an extra step to make sure they get on the correct bus.

    ARRIVAL- Walkers and Car Riders should arrive at school between 8:15-8:40 A.M. Students MUST wait in the front Lobby until they hear the morning bell at 8:20 with an adult. Once they hear the bell they can walk to breakfast or to their classroom. Parents will be able to walk them to class for the first week and then students will need to walk on their own. There will be no adult supervision in the lobby in the morning, so do not drop your child off alone before 8:20.

    Walkers and Car Riders will be dismissed from the front two entrances beginning at 3:10. Parents will need to sign out their child.
    Bus Riders will be escorted to the cafeteria for dismissal beginning at 3:15.
    *Expect your bus riders to be late for at least the first two weeks of school.

    SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS- If for any reason your child is to change his/her usual method of going home, please send in a note and place it in the ziplock back in their BEE Book. I cannot accept your child’s word about the change. Please take those extra minutes to write a note.

    ABSENCE- If your child misses school, you must send in a note explaining the reason for his/her absence. If your child is arriving late to school, we also need a note. There are absence notes located in the BEE BOOK, if you use one, please cut it off and place in the ziplock bag.

    BIRTHDAYS- If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, please send in only a nonfood item. Examples would be pencils, stickers, or erasers.

    RECESS- Outdoor recess is very important. We have a busy day everyday, but we still try to go out daily (even in the winter) as long as weather permits.

    COMFORTABLE PLAY CLOTHES- We are very active in kindergarten, with recess, art, and gym. Please have your child wear shoes appropriate for running and jumping. Sneakers are the best for kindergarten. Flip-Flops and sandals can be dangerous on the playground. Students will not be permitted to play if they wear these types of shoes.

    I LOST IT! IT’S BROKEN!- PLEASE do not allow your child to bring toys, food, or money to school (except for book club money, Kindersnack money, field trip money or specially requested money). They may bring in items for Sharing when requested by the teacher. It is very easy to misplace, loose, or break items between home and school.

    CLOTHING- Please label all items of outer clothing and backpacks with your child’s first and last name. Permanent markers work great for this. I have found that some children are afraid to claim their belongings.