FAQ about Gifted Support Services

  • When do gifted support services “start”?

    In OASD, all children are administered a screener exam. The scores on this screener indicate whether your child should receive the full evaluation for gifted services as done by a school psychologist. Please note that in the state of Pennsylvania, it is your option to request the full evaluation from kindergarten on, as per Chapter 16 law.

    What do I have to do to get my child in to the program?

    Please note that there is no program, per se. OASD follows Chapter 16, which says a child must have an IQ of 130 (although the score can be weighted via teacher input or parent input so as to not miss those with learning disabilities or other mitigating needs) and be in need of specially designed instruction. Chapter 16 says a parent can request a full evaluation of their child from kindergarten and up from the district. You may request this through your child’s teacher or school principal.

    What does gifted services look like at OASD?

    At OASD, GIEP’s are the document that governs your child services. At the elementary level, there is a mix of enrichment, subject acceleration, and pull outs (where your child meets with their gifted teacher and other gifted students). All of what your child needs is determined through the GIEP, and what services are provided a direct result of that process. At the middle school and high school levels, children are afforded more flexible scheduling, so support services vary based on decisions taking that in account and working with your GIEP team.

    How do I learn more about gifted support services at OASD?

    When your child is designated as needing a GIEP, you will meet with your child’s teacher, gifted teacher, and principal to discuss your child’s needs. You play a vital role in this process, and should educate yourself on the GIEP and what chapter 16 says. The Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education maintains a website with information (see link below), and you can also consult the PA Dept of Education (see link below), as well.  Currently, the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education maintains a hotline for parents (see the website for the number). You can also email questions to Dr. Chad Kinsey, Director of Special Education at ckinsey@oxfordasd.org. If you are new to the district, start with your school’s principal, listed on the OASD website.

    I have a concern about my child’s gifted support services, but I’m new to it all, what should I do?

    It is important to remain collaborative with your child’s educators; they want the best for your child. You should attempt to address the issue first through your child’s teacher, and their gifted teacher, and if necessary, the principal. You do have the right to call a GIEP meeting at any point (they renew annually, but if needs change for your child; you can request another GIEP meeting). Email is an excellent way to communicate with your child’s educators. If you still feel like the issue isn’t addressed, then you should contact the director of special education over gifted education, listed under student services on the OASD website. You may also contact the PA Dept of Education as well; you should have received a copy of your parental rights with your GIEP that also lists resources and info.


    I would like to support gifted education in the OASD district, what can I do?

    Please consider joining our parent/teacher organization or the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education as a member. They work on many levels throughout the state for educators and parents. For more info, visit giftedpage.org. In addition, consider volunteering your time with the PTO. For information about volunteer opportunities, please email pto@oxfordasd.org.

    See resource page for additional info.

    Any comments regarding the FAQs can be directed to Dr. Chad Kinsey, Director of Special Education at ckinsey@oxfordasd.org.

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