Early Intervention Transition

  • The Bureau of Special Education (BSE) and the Bureau of Early Intervention Services (BEIS) intend to facilitate the smooth transition of preschool children from Early Intervention programs to the school district or charter school program, while respecting parental choices. This will require Preschool Early Intervention programs and school districts or charter schools to work cooperatively and be flexible in planning in order to accommodate the implementation of these procedures.

    While parents have the option of having their child remain in Early Intervention when their child is eligible for kindergarten, it is incumbent on the IEP team to fully inform the parents of the advantages of transitioning to school age programming with same age peers. In the event that the child will remain in Early Intervention an additional year, the child’s evaluation must reflect that the team will be providing an additional year of Early Intervention at the request of the family. The school district and Intermediate Unit will meet with the families in the late winter/early Spring for transition to school age meetings.  This will be arranged through the Intermediate Unit.

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