Pre-pay for School Lunches



    School Cafe - Lunch Money System

    Add funds to your child's account for à la carte snacks, drinks, and more! It's convenient and a great way to monitor your child's account throughout the year.  

    Payments can be made through SchoolCafé


    Set up a SchoolCafé account:

    CLICK HERE to register for a SchoolCafé account (you will need your child's student ID number)
    CLICK HERE for directions on how to establish a SchoolCafé account.
    CLICK HERE for a short instructional video on how to use SchoolCafé.

    All payments are processed in real time and will be posted to your child's account within 24 hours.

    *Please be advised the District does not offer refunds, only transfers*


    What happens to the money left in my child's account at the end of the school year?

    All account balances (negative and positive) will be carried over from the previous year.


    My child graduated or is no longer attending Oxford. What can I do with the money left in their account?

    Account balances can be donated, transferred to a sibling or another student in the District with a parent/gaurdian's permission. Please email Ms. Ashton Baker, Director of Food Services, to request a transfer.


    I don't have another student in the District. Where will the money go?

    Funds can also be transferred to our Donated Funds account to help other students pay off their lunch debt! Funds left in a graduated or inactive students' account will be transferred to the Donated Funds account within 30 days.





    Cash or checks are accepted in the cafeteria. Pre-payment is preferred.