Frequently Asked Questions:


    1. Why is this sport considered to be an intramural sport?
      • Intramural sports are not recognized as Interscholastic sports by the district. It simply provides a non-competitive atmosphere for students to exercise and learn the game while having fun.
    2. Who can participate in intramural sports?
      • Any student who attends Nottingham Elementary. Siblings from other schools may not participate due to safety concerns.
    3. Does my child need to tryout and will there be competitive games?
      • No, students do not need to tryout. All students who complete a permission slip are welcome to participate.
    4.  Is there a fee to participate in intramural sports?
      • No. Intramurals are a free program.
    5. What does my child need to participate in these sports?
      • A completed permission slip.
      • If a student has any allergies or medical concerns, these need to be in writing and submitted to Mrs. Gregg with the permission slip.
    6.  What days of the week are intramurals?
      • This depends on the grade level and gender of the student. See permission slip for details.
    7. How long does the intramural season last?
      • Intramurals will be held twice a year. Intramurals last for roughly 4 or 5 weeks.
    8. Why are intramurals held in the morning?
      • Intramurals are held in the mornings due to gym availability. Nottingham’s gym is often in use after school hours by various sports teams and organizations.
    9. What sports are being held for the 2022-2023 school year?
      • A variety of sports will be played during intramurals.