Summer Reading Program

  • The summer required reading program was established in 2016 to reduce reading loss over the summer months for all children in the district. It is estimated that summer school breaks will cause the average student to lose up to one month of instruction, with disadvantaged students being disproportionately affected.

    District teachers at each grade level K-12, provided a range of selections in both title topic and reading levels to enable students to select one fiction and one non-fiction title from a minimum of twelve books per grade level. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are presented in the summer reading program, although summer requirements for these courses have been long standing and may vary from the general summer reading program requirements. The teachers, together with administration placed a great deal of thought and effort into the selections and the process. Input through our Parent Teacher Organization was valuable in fine tuning the process for our families.

    Grade level projects were developed by the teachers to provide a project for students to demonstrate their understanding of their readings and for teachers to assess the students’ understanding. Options for the project were also provided. Projects are to be completed no later than September 29 of the school year. Projects will be assessed by the teacher and comply with the grade level assessment structure, homework assignment in the lower grades (K-4) and as a class assessment in the upper grades (5-12). 

    The District's partnership with the Oxford Public Library expands the students' and family use of our community library. The availability of books during the summer months at the Oxford Public Library increases library circulation while enabling students to explore  additional books of personal interest. Additionally, the district has the capacity to provide electronic access to e-books through our digital library system. Directions to access the e-books is available on each school's website. Books are also being made available through our Parent Teacher Organization. 

    We thank everyone for this valuable partnership with the District in advancing reading for all of our students.

    A complete list of summer readings and projects can be viewed by clicking the links below or at each school's website.

    Kindergarten       Kindergarten (Español)

    Grade 1                 Grade 1 (Español)

    Grade 2                 Grade 2 (Español)

    Grade 3                 Grade 3 (Español)

    Grade 4                 Grade 4 (Español)

    Grade 5                 Grade 5 (Español)

    Grade 6                 Grade 6 (Español)

    Grade 7                 Grade 7 (Español)

    Grade 8                 Grade 8 (Español)

    Grades 9-12          Grades 9-12 (Español)