• 4th Grade:

    Over-Arching Theme: Systems

    Solar System:

    For this unit, the 4th graders will learn about how the Solar System was formed and some basic facts about each planet.  Next, they will do some fun, hands-on activities to help them better understand the planets’ sizes and distances. They'll determine the astronomical units that separate each planet and convert the diameter of each planet from kilometers to meters to millimeters.  Then, the students will participate in a Socratic Discussion after reading an article about the dwarf planets.  

    The 4th graders will wrap-up the unit with a research project on a planet of their choice. The students will create a poster that has 5 elements. Information on 5 topics (surface, atmosphere, moons, rings, etc.), the Roman god/goddess for which their planet is named, a picture to scale, a poem/song and made a bumper sticker. 

    Space Place

    NASA- Planets

    Planet Comparison