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    Hopewell Instrumental Program

    Welcome to the Hopewell Band Program page!  The band program is comprised of four instrumental ensembles:  Beginner Band, Jazz Band, Fifth Grade Band, and Sixth Grade Band.

    Every band student will experience instrumental instruction through one small-group lesson every six days, as well as one 45-minute large-group rehearsal every six days. 

    5th Grade Band rehearsal is every D Day from 8:45-9:30am.

    6th Grade Band rehearsal is every F Day from 8:45-9:30am.

    All students must purchase “Essential Elements 2000, Book 1” for use during the school year. 

    Practice charts are not required and will not be a part of your grade.  However, accountability on practicing will be assessed as “playing tests” during group lessons.  Consistent practicing measures are necessary to become well-rounded musicians.  Only playing during Band class will not make you a more competent musician. 

    My recommendations for proper practice times are as follows:

              -Practice four (4) days a week (this does not have to be in succession)

              -During each practice session, work for 20-25 minutes

    Practicing is NOT:

              -playing from beginning to end with no stopping

              -playing a piece one time through and moving on to the next piece

              -skipping a passage of music that you consistently play incorrectly

    Practicing IS:

              -circling trouble spots with a pencil or highlighter

              -chunking out passages (example: working from measures 25-33)

              -working out a finger pattern, a shift, a small technical spot

              -setting realistic goals if you cannot practice for 30 minutes

              -not going faster than your fingers can take you

              -correcting your errors before moving on

              -taking breaks during your practice routine

              -having fun playing your instrument (don’t make it a chore!!)

    We participate in two kinds of performances:  one competition (6th Grade and Jazz Band ONLY) and four concerts (two In-school concerts and two formal concerts.)


    Wednesday, December 13- In-school Concerts (5th and 6th grade) during school

    Thursday, December 14-     Winter concert @ H.S. 7:00pm

    Wednesday, May 9-             In-school Concerts (5th and 6th grade) during school

    Thursday, May 10-               Spring concert @ H.S. 7:00pm

    The Winter and Spring Concerts will start at 7:00pm and students will need to report at 6:15pm to the High School band room.  The concerts will be held in the High School auditorium.

    Friday, May 18 HERSHEY (6th grade and Jazz Band only)        

    ***Please note these dates and try to avoid vacations and other planned absences during these concerts.***

    Good communication is the key to having a successful experience for your child.  Please call me at 484-365-6150 ext. 2235, email me at rmaule@oxfordasd.org, or we can set up a parent conference to discuss concerns.  I always return emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

    To access the Hopewell Band Handbook, please click here.

    To access the Hopewell Music Department web site, please click here.