• We want our students to be future-ready and focus our curriculum to give them the skills and tools necessary to be productive citizens and contributors to the society that they live in.  As technology is constantly evolving, this means that students need to also learn to be adapt to change as well. Over the course of the year, students learn, practice, and build upon their knowledge of research skills. 

    5th grade:

    In the fall students review call numbers, learn how to log on to their Destiny library account, and discuss and practice evaluating websites.  In the spring, they learn about note-taking and complete a biography project. 

    6th grade:

    Sixth-graders begin the year discussing citations and learning how to write one and why they are important.  During the winter students practice their note-taking skills as they research a career.  In the spring, students then complete a multimedia project on their chosen career and present it to their peers.

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