• SS Old Dead Guys Part 2
    Wild Animals 1
    Wild Animals 2

    Tracking Monsters 1
    Tracking Monsters 2
    Marshmallow mug

    Mug p.2
    Mug p.3

    Nifty Fifty Jan-April
    SS Old Dead Guys 1
    Far from Shore 1
    Far from Shore 2
    Far from Shore 3
    Far from Shore 4
    Social Studies Chapter 1 study guide

    Unit one ELA
    Picturesque journeys
    Picturesque journeys
    Picturesque journeys
    Picturesque journeys
    Poetry Collection
    Nifty 50 November

    Poetry Collection
    Poetry Collection
    Poetry collection
    Poetry collection


    ELA Unit 1 Week 1:  The Path to Paper Son vocabulary, spelling, word study

    Vocabulary, spelling, word study

    ELA Unit 1: Week 1: Paper Son...

    ELA Unit 1: Week 2:  from Life on Earth and Beyond

    Week at a Glance

    ELA Unit 1 Test   Unit 1 ELA Test Study Guide     

    Action and Linking Verbs (see picture below):

    Action and linking verbs


    Unit 2 ELA Study Guide:  Unit 2 ELA Study Guide



    Easter Basket:  Select one egg to complete (10 minutes of reading).  Color/decorate the egg, cut it out, and attach to the basket.  10 eggs required. 

    Easter basket

    Eggs page 1

    Eggs page 2

    Love, Amalia (see picture below):

    Love, Amalia

  • Life on Earth and Beyond Greek Roots:  chron - time, geo - Earth, photo - light, logy - study of, meter - measure. bio - life

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