December Activity: Exploring Categories

Posted by Francine Gulino on 12/12/2019

Since the end of November, the students have had an extra opportunity to work on categorizing and describing common objects.  We have been posting the name of a category on the wall outside the speech room.  Then students are given the opportunity to name an item in the category and list three important attributes of that item.  Then they can perform a task with the item -- either make a definition or compare it to another item -- and hang it on the wall afterwards.  If they do this task, they can earn a swedish fish or a Hershey Kiss.  

Talking about categories helps students organize information in their minds.  It is not so difficult to do with everyday items like vehicles, farm animals, or parts of a house as we are doing in speech. It gets very difficult when they are asked to do the same tasks to talk about two passages in a story or two characters.  Or even two properties of matter. But the principals of the activity are the same.

So talk about Categories in your house.  Ask your child to describe things for you.  To help you, I have uploaded a copy of the word web we used in class. I have also provided two links to games you can play at home. The first is like a board game; the second is an onlline game.  Have fun!

Beginning of Week Three:  Things in a House

Beginning of Week Three:  Things in a house 


Word Web Sheet for you to use at home ---Small Word Webs

Links to games you can play about categories:

NameCategory Game -- for groups

 the Category -- online game