Graduation Project


    In order to graduate from high school, every student shall satisfactorily complete a project as required by Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations. The graduation project will be a meaningful experience which provides a student with the opportunity for in-depth learning about a self-selected topic. The purpose of the project is to assure that the student is able to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding through a presentation. The project will be under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty/administrators and will be assessed by an evaluation team.

    Students who meet the necessary requirements may present prior to their senior year. Seniors who do not present their graduation project may face disciplinary consequences and loss of senior privileges, which includes attending Senior Prom. Graduation project papers and information are available online. Students should contact their Assistant Principal with any questions.

    September 2020 update:

    At this time, all students are still required to complete a graduation project in order to meet the local requirements for graduation. 

    While  many plans and proposals to complete the service project or career experience have been interrupted by COVID-19 and the ensuing lock down, there are several avenues that lend themselves to our current situation.  For example, the demonstration/exhibition option allow students to complete a task or project that requires learning new skills. 

    All students to review the different types of graduation projects, and think of how these different project have been fulfilled in the past three years.  While the requirements state that a log must be filled out and verified by a sponsor that is a non-family member, administration will evaluate projects on a case-by-case basis.  If a demonstration/exhibition was done in the past, and a log was not completed at the time, we will consider other criteria such as before and after pictures, and ability to articulate and demonstrate skills learned.

    As far as the class of 2021 presenting, students have two options.  Option #1 is to wait for school to reopen, at which point students will sign up for teacher presentations during predetermined dates.  Option #2 is to upload all the required materials to the Blackboard class “Graduation Project.”  There are individual assignments created here for the log, the reflection paper, the research paper, and the presentation itself, where the student can actually upload a video of themselves presenting their project.


    Watch the "How to Complete the Graduation Project" video HERE


    Documents needed to complete the Graduation Project can be found in the column to the left.  Copies are also available in the guidance and main office.   

Types & Requirements of Graduation Projects

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.