Ski & Snowboard Club

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    Snowboard Club

    The 21-22 OAHS Ski & Snowboard Club 

    The purpose of the Ski and Snowboard Club is to introduce skiing and snowboarding as a healthy and enjoyable recreational activity for beginning members and to help more experienced members continue their pursuit of skiing and snowboarding as a sport.  Lessons are available from the professionals at Blue Mountain.  In addition, our chaperones are seasoned enthusiasts who will ensure students are properly equipped and can help students develop their skill on the mountain. 


    *Passes are open to students, parents and community members*

    Bus - $150 This year we will have 5 bus trips up to Blue Mountain. The money is nonrefundable. If you are inelgable to attend a trip the money will not be refunded. 

    Trip Dates: 1/7, 1/14, 1/28 2/4, 2/11

    This year, students must purchase specially priced lift tickets directly from Blue Mountain through the Oxford Area HS link:  Buy Ticket Here  *Only Bus money will be sent into school.

    When purchased online, students/parents/community members agree to the terms of the Blue Mountain Liability Release.


    2021-2022 LIFT TICKET PRICING 

     Blue Mountain Flyer

    Student Season Pass: $189 --- Monday-Friday, Non-Holiday + Sat&Sun non-Holiday after 3 PM --- Must be a student 22 and under to order.

    Parent Chaperone Season Pass $299 --- Monday-Friday, Non-Holiday + Sat&Sun non-Holiday after 3 PM ---- Parent must have a student purchasing a $169 pass or an All Access Pass to order.

    All Access Season Pass: $729 ---- All access ---  Anyone is able to use our portal and get this great deal. 

    Rentals: $120

    Lessons: $25 each lesson --- Please see flyer for more details.

    Steps to follow when ordering the tickets

    Buy Tickets Here


    ***After October 31st, the ability to purchase passes and rentals will NOT be accessible in the portals. However, the portals will remain open throughout the season for your group members to be able to purchase and schedule lessons. They must schedule at least 48 hours in advance.


    BUS TRANSPORTATION - You must pay $150 to reserve your seat. Only the first 50 Students are able to go. 

    Money is due in full by October 30th. 


    Questions?  Please contact Mr. Trevor Haney -