School Assistance Program - SAP

  • What is SAP?

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a statewide initiative designed to provide support services for students who may be at risk or experience problems which pose a barrier to learning and school success. Each school district forms an SAP Team of school staff who are trained to identify problems and make recommendations to assist the student and parent.  

    What are the warning signs that a student may need help through SAP?  SAP may be able to help if a student is:

    • Having problems keeping his or her grades up.
    • No longer feeling like hanging out with friends or family.
    • Not enjoying favorite activities like he or she used to.
    • Not getting along with others.
    • Being bullied or harassed.
    • Feeling like he or she just can't seem to get it together.
    • Experimenting with or using alcohol or other drugs.
    • Adjusting to a new school.
    • Close to someone or has a family member serving in the military.
    • Having thoughts of hurting himself or someone else.
    • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
    • Always worrying.
    • Thinking about suicide.
    • Dealing with the breakup of a relationship.
    • Being hurt physically or emotionally by someone.
    • Dealing with major changes in his or her family, like parents divorcing.
    • Dealing with the illness or death of someone close.


    How can I refer a student to the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

    • Anyone can refer someone for help. You can even ask for help for yourself or a friend.
    • Teachers and other school staff who are concerned about students can make referrals. You can go to a school counselor, administrator, or directly to someone who is on the student assistance team (listed below) to ask for help.
    • You can fill out a referral form. Click the link below to complete the form. Completed forms will be received by the SAP team.

    Click Here for SAP Referral Form 

    What happens after a student enters the program?

    • The student, his or her parents/guardian and the SAP team will work together to figure out ways to help the student deal with the problems he or she is facing.
    • The SAP team can also help students and parents/guardians find services in their community that can help, such as a professional counselor.
    • The student assistance team will check in with the student's teachers to see how he or she is doing in classes and other activities.
    • The team will also stay in touch with the student.


    What happens after parents/guardians give their permission for a student to receive help from SAP?
    There are several steps that the team will take after the permission form is signed.

    • The SAP team will gather specific information about a student's performance in school from all school staff who have contact with the student.
    • An SAP team member will also talk with the parents/guardian either in person or over the phone about the parents' or guardian's observations, the student's strengths, and the parents' or guardian's concerns.

    Together, the parents/guardian and the SAP team will develop a plan of action to help the student achieve success in school. If necessary, the SAP team will talk with the parents/guardian about services in the community and provide information on how to contact others who may be able to help.
    The SAP team will continue to work with and support the student. They will stay in touch with the parents/guardian to talk about the student's progress and success in school. The continued involvement of the parents/guardian is very important.

    Who is on the SAP Team at Oxford?
    The high school's SAP Team members are listed below and may be contacted by calling the school at 610-932-6640 or directly through email.


    For more information about the statewide SAP initiative, visit

  • Groups

    Support Groups Permission Form: Click HERE to download the group permission form. Completed forms can be returned to the Homeroom Teacher, High School Guidance office, Main Office SAP mailbox, or emailed to


    Coping Skills Group

    Are you looking to practice strategies to help self- regulate emotion, increase problem solving skills, and enhance your response to stress.  Holcomb Behavioral Health with OAHS Student Assistance Program (SAP) are collaborating with OAHS school counselors to provide the opportunity for students to strengthen their coping skills and manage stress.  HERE is a brochure that explains the Holcomb agency, the groups that are available to students, and HERE is the Holcomb consent form to participate.  While school is virtual, Coping Skills group sessions will also be facilitated virtually in the Microsoft TEAMS app. 

     If you are interested please return the Holcomb consent form to your school counselor and feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about the group.