School Assistance Program - SAP

  • What is SAP?

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a statewide initiative designed to provide support services for students who may be at risk or experience problems which pose a barrier to learning and school success. Each school district forms an SAP Team of school staff who are trained to identify problems and make recommendations to assist the student and parent.  

    What are the warning signs that a student may need help through SAP?  SAP may be able to help if a student is:

    • Having problems keeping his or her grades up.
    • No longer feeling like hanging out with friends or family.
    • Not enjoying favorite activities like he or she used to.
    • Not getting along with others.
    • Being bullied or harassed.
    • Feeling like he or she just can't seem to get it together.
    • Experimenting with or using alcohol or other drugs.
    • Adjusting to a new school.
    • Close to someone or has a family member serving in the military.
    • Having thoughts of hurting himself or someone else.
    • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
    • Always worrying.
    • Thinking about suicide.
    • Dealing with the breakup of a relationship.
    • Being hurt physically or emotionally by someone.
    • Dealing with major changes in his or her family, like parents divorcing.
    • Dealing with the illness or death of someone close.


    How can I refer a student to the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

    • Anyone can refer someone for help. You can even ask for help for yourself or a friend.
    • Teachers and other school staff who are concerned about students can make referrals. You can go to a school counselor, administrator, or directly to someone who is on the student assistance team (listed below) to ask for help.
    • You can fill out a referral form. Click the link below to complete the form. Completed forms will be received by the SAP team.

    Click Here for SAP Referral Form 

    What happens after a student enters the program?

    • The student, his or her parents/guardian and the SAP team will work together to figure out ways to help the student deal with the problems he or she is facing.
    • The SAP team can also help students and parents/guardians find services in their community that can help, such as a professional counselor.
    • The student assistance team will check in with the student's teachers to see how he or she is doing in classes and other activities.
    • The team will also stay in touch with the student.

    What happens after parents/guardians give their permission for a student to receive help from SAP?
    There are several steps that the team will take after the permission form is signed.

    • The SAP team will gather specific information about a student's performance in school from all school staff who have contact with the student.
    • A SAP team member will also talk with the parents/guardian either in person or over the phone about the parents' or guardian's observations, the student's strengths, and the parents' or guardian's concerns.

    Together, the parents/guardian and the SAP team will develop a plan of action to help the student achieve success in school. If necessary, the SAP team will talk with the parents/guardian about services in the community and provide information on how to contact others who may be able to help.
    The SAP team will continue to work with and support the student. They will stay in touch with the parents/guardian to talk about the student's progress and success in school. The continued involvement of the parents/guardian is very important.

    Who is on the SAP Team at Oxford?
    The high school's SAP Team members are listed below and may be contacted by calling the school at 610-932-6640 or directly through email.



    For more information about the statewide SAP initiative, visit


    American Lung Association INDEPTH

  • Groups

    Support Groups Permission Form: Click HERE to download the group permission form. Completed forms can be returned to the Homeroom Teacher, High School Guidance office, Main Office SAP mailbox, or emailed to

    Listed below are the names and descriptions of student support groups that may be offered by the School Counseling Department and the Student Assistance Team. These groups are an opportunity for students to meet with their peers who share the same interests/concerns and to learn new ways to cope with stressful situations. Most groups meet during the school day, at different times once a week. Students will be responsible to communicate with teachers about completing any work missed during that time. The groups will run at various times throughout the school year.

    ___Bereavement: Have you experienced the death of someone important to you? Have you had difficulty coping with the death?  This group focuses on topics concerning students who may be affected by someone who has passed away.

    ___Caron Project Connect/Holcomb INDEPTH: An educational support group/youth nicotine cessation program. This is a supportive service designed to empower students with the tools necessary to make more positive choices. Discussions will include the impact of nicotine use on the body, teens developing brain, adolescent issues, choices related to substance use, self-esteem, stress
    management, resiliency, and goal-setting.

    ___Changing Families: This group focuses on topics concerning students whose parents are separated or divorced and/or those in blending families.

    ___Concerned Others Group: This group will help students learn coping skills to deal with family or friends struggling with addiction

    ___New Students: Transferring to a new school or starting a new school year can be challenging for students. The major focus will be to provide supports for the transition to OAHS in a welcoming and peer supported environment.

    ___Safe Dates: This group raises awareness of what constitutes healthy and abusive dating relationships and friendships. Teaches identification of causes and consequences of dating abuse; equip students with the skills to develop healthy dating relationships and friendships, including positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution.

    ___Say It Straight: This group focuses on empowering communication skills and behaviors, increases self-awareness, self-efficacy, personal, social responsibility, and positive relationships. Through role playing and discussion students learn how to respectfully express themselves. This group will help you discover healthier ways to handle your anger and interact with others.

    ___Self Esteem: This group is designed to have students look at themselves and evaluate their strengths and needs. This group will help support students struggling with self- acceptance.

    ___Stress Management/Coping Skills: This group is designed for students who have a need to manage their lives more efficiently to maintain a healthy degree of emotional and physical well-being.

    ___Study Skills/Homework Help: This is an ongoing group that meets afterschool on Mondays in the school library. A focus of this program is on building a foundation of study skills. Topics and tips shared are time management, previewing material, notetaking from reading or lecture, and study strategies.

    Please sign this form and return to your Homeroom Teacher or the School Counseling office. All information will be kept strictly confidential! If you feel your child needs attention sooner or have questions, please contact the School Counselors at 610-932-6646.