• Listed below are the names and descriptions of student support groups that may be offered by the Guidance Department and the Student Assistance Team during the 2020-2021 school year. These groups are an opportunity for students to meet with their peers who share the same interests/concerns and to learn new ways to cope with stressful situations. Groups meet during the school day, at different times once a week. Students will be responsible to communicate with teachers about completing any make-up work missed during that time. The groups will run at various times throughout the school year and will be decided upon by need and interest of students. If you feel that you(student)/your child will benefit from a group at school, please contact the Guidance Department.  Students must have parental/guardian permission before participating in support groups.

    • Bereavement: Have you experienced the death of someone important to you? Have you had difficulty coping with the death? This group focuses on topics concerning students who may be affected by someone who has passed away.
    • Caron Project Connect: An educational support group that is grant funded, youth nicotine cessation program. This is a supportive service designed to empower students with the tools necessary to make more positive choices. Discussions will include: the impact of nicotine use on the body, a teens developing brain, adolescent issues pertaining to difficult decision making, choices related to substance use, self-esteem, stress management, resiliency, and goal-setting.
    • Changing Families: This group focuses on topics concerning students whose parents are separated or divorced or those in blending families.
    • Concerned Others Group: This group will help students learn coping skills to deal with family or friends struggling with addiction
    • New Students: Transferring to a new school or starting a new school year can be challenging for students. The major focus will be to provide supports for the transition to OAHS in a welcoming and peer supported environment.
    • Safe Dates: This group raises awareness of what constitutes healthy and abusive dating relationships and friendships. Teaches identification of causes and consequences of dating abuse; understand how to help a friend in an abusive relationship and equip students with the skills to develop healthy dating relationships and friendships, including positive communication, anger management, and conflict resolution.
    • Say It Straight: This group focuses on empowering communication skills and behaviors, increases self-awareness, self-efficacy, personal, and social responsibility, and positive relationships. Through role playing and discussion students learn how to respectfully express themselves and communicate honestly with others. This group will help you discover healthier ways to handle your anger and interact with others.
    • Stress Management/Coping Skills: This group is designed for students who have a need to manage their lives more efficiently in order to maintain a healthy degree of emotional and physical well-being.
    • Study Skills: This is a 5 week group focused on building a foundation of study skills for students. Topics addressed are time management, previewing material, notetaking from reading or lecture, and study strategies. 


    Group Permission Form can be completed and submitted to Guidance.


    Holcomb Coping Skills Group

    Are you looking to practice strategies to help self- regulate emotion, increase problem solving skills, and enhance your response to stress?  Holcomb Behavioral Health, with OAHS Student Assistance Program (SAP), are collaborating with OAHS school counselors to provide the opportunity for students to strengthen their coping skills and manage stress.  HERE is a brochure that explains the Holcomb agency, the groups that are available to students, and HERE is the Holcomb consent form to participate.  While school is virtual, Coping Skills group sessions will also be facilitated virtually in the Microsoft TEAMS app. 

     If you are interested please return the Holcomb consent form to your school counselor and feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about the group.