Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid 101 - Slide Presentation - **Let's Make Cents Paying for College**

    Seniors if you have not already completed your initial FAFSA please do so asap Click link on information about Student Aid

    Here is the NACAC form that allows a student to request that their enrollment fee be waived due to financial circumstances.  As you might know, enrollment deposits can be $200, $400, $600 or even higher, and restricts access for low-income students in many ways. Everyone can use it, but please know every college can create their own policies on whether or not they will accept it.  If you are a student making your final decisions and can't come up with the money for the deposit, you may want to submit this form ASAP

    PHEAA - Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency


    Types of Financial Aid
    1. Scholarships: federal, state, and institutional awards that do not have to be paid back; awarded to students on a need bases, merit, or talent
    2. Grants: federal and state funds that are awarded based on financial need and do not need to be paid back
    3. Work-Study: wages earned by student on or off campus to help pay for school costs; some programs may reduce tuition, while others with give the student a paycheck
    4. Loans: funds borrowed that must be paid back at specific interests rates

    5 Steps to Financial Aid
    1. Look for scholarships, grants, and other free money.
    2. Identify your specific deadlines
    3. Fill out the FASFA (Free Application for Students Federal Aid) by March 1st
    4. Compare schools’ financial aid offers carefully
    5. Be sure you have the money to need to cover ALL education expenses.

    Unusual FAFSA Filing Situations

    Additional FAFSA information for students with divorced or separated parents, stepparents, adoptive parents, or foster parents: Unusual FAFSA Filing Situations
    For more information on the financial aid process in Pennsylvania, visit: