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    Engineering 1 is a hands-on course designed to provide each student with an opportunity to develop and expand a student’s basic scientific, mathematical and engineering skills.  The first topic is Electrical Energy.   Students will construct, test, analyze and operate a selected number of electrical circuits and equipment.  The three primary areas of study are: voltage, current and resistance.  Students construct simple series circuits that include: cells, lamps, a switch and a motor.  Students use test equipment such as a voltmeter and an ammeter to measure the voltage and current within each of the circuits.  In the final portion of Engineering 1 students investigate the topic of Mechanical Energy.  Students utilize their scientific, mathematical and engineering skills as they design and construct machines to solve various problems.  Once a machine has been constructed the students will test the operation.  A demonstration of the machine's effectiveness begins the assessment process.



    Engineering 2 is a hands-on course designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop and expand their engineering skills.   In Engineering 2 students will have the opportunity to invent or design their own CO2 powered dragster.  Students will learn how to produce an engineering drawing of their dragster.  This drawing becomes the plan as they construct the dragster using a variety of woodworking tools in the woodshop.  Upon the completion of their dragster, students will be able to race the dragster to see how fast it will go.  This class is a great introduction to the basic woodworking and mechanical drawing techniques used in the Technology Education courses at OAHS.