• Oxford Area School District

    Student Assignment Criteria and Procedure

     The process of assigning students to classes is complex. This process is taken seriously by the OASD staff and administration and involves a great deal of time and careful thought concerning the best interest of every child. Classrooms are heterogeneously grouped using many factors and criteria in order to create a balanced class. The criteria and factors include:

    ·         Academic needs

    ·         Learning styles

    ·         Social dynamics

    ·         Behavioral and/or emotional needs

    ·         Personality characteristics

    ·         Gender

     The OASD respectfully requests that parents honor the professional judgment of the staff and administration concerning student placement. Parents may share with the appropriate school administrator specific information which you feel we should be aware of during the assignment process. However, a final decision on all student assignments rests with the administration.

     All information must be shared with the building administrator prior to the end of the current school year.



    David Hamburg, Principal, Jordan Bank Kindergarten Center

    Matthew Hovanec, Principal, Elk Ridge Elementary School

    Lisa Yingst, Principal, Nottingham Elementary School

    Nicole Addis, Principal, Hopewell Elementary School

    Tami Motes, Principal, Penn’s Grove Middle School

    James Canaday, Principal, Oxford Area High School