• Elk Ridge Music

    Elk Ridge music content aligns with Pennsylvania State Music Standards and the 2014 NAfME National Music Standards. First and second grade students at Elk Ridge learn to sing, creatively move, and play a variety of pitched and nonpitched instruments. Music instruction is delivered with the Orff-Schulwerk method.

    For more information about Orff Schulwerk, please visit the American Orff-Schulwerk Association website.  


    OASD has been recognized as one of the best communities for music education through the NAMM foundation



    For more information about Elk Ridge Music, please visit Miss Kurtz's teacher page.

  • How should my child prepare for music class?

    Just like in Health/PE, students should wear sneakers and clothes suitable for movement in the music classroom. Movement supports music learning, so make sure your child is able to move freely. 



    When does my child have music class?

    Updated for the 2023-2024 school year:

    A Day | Hunsicker, Hamilton, Niemann, James, J. Green, Michael 

    B Day | Metanchuk, Johnson, Malone, Sharp, C. Green, Intonato

    C Day | King, Baity, Sumner, Bochanski, Lininger

    D Day | Hollick, McConnell, McDermott