• Elk Ridge History

    About 200 years ago the town of Oxford was surrounded by a lot of little communities, where people lived close together, because the roads were not very good and traveling was hard to do.  The people who lived in those communities wanted their children to go to school, so each community would build their own one-room schoolhouse.


    Every schoolhouse had its own bell and the teacher would ring it when it was time for school to start.  Students would learn to read and write and they learned to do math.  They would write on a slate with a piece of chalk or they would use a quill pen and write on paper.  It was very important to have neat handwriting. 


     This picture shows you the one-room Elk Ridge schoolhouse, our school was named after this school. Unfortunately it was torn down many years ago. We still have pictures of the school and pictures of some of the students who went to that school.

    The  Original Elk Ridge School

     Elk Ridge Class 1885

    When the school was torn down a woman who lived near the school saw the school bell in the scrap pile and had it taken to her home.  Her family kept the bell for many years.  One day some people decided to fix the bell up and mount it on a wooden stand.  That same bell now sits in our school lobby and rings once again to welcome children to the new Elk Ridge School.

    The Original Elk Ridge School Bell